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July 02, 2005

What Is Podcasting?

Listen to find out! Just click on the icon above to listen to this podcast now on your computer. Since this is not an enhanced podcast, iTunes is not required. If you wish to download this podcast to your iPod so you can listen to it later when your computer is not close at hand, you will need iTunes. Start by reading the posts in the category, "About Podcasting." It's easy!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 10:39 PM

July 01, 2005

What Is Podcasting? (EP)

This is the same podcast as the one posted above. However, it's an enhanced podcast; notice the "EP" next to the purple antenna. Listening to an enhanced podcast on your computer requires using iTunes 4.9 and has an extra step or two not required when listening to a normal podcast. But it's much more cool! (For more information on the features of enhanced podcasts and how to use them, read the posts located under the category, "About Podcasting" in the gray sidebar on the right.)

To listen to this podcast on your computer, click on the icon above, which downloads the file instead of immediately playing it, like a regular podcast. Once the file has downloaded to your computer, drop it into the main iTunes window to play it. Now you can see the podcast as well as hear it!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 11:55 PM

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