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October 24, 2005

Student Forum Elections

This podcast features the four students that are running for student forum president. I decided to give them the opportunity to show everyone how quickly they can think on their feet. Unexpectedly, each student came into my office to record just one reason why they would be an excellent student forum president. Listen to this short podcast to get an important impression of each candidate.

Each one of them did an excellent job with the podcast.

Posted by Tim Tyson at 05:17 PM

October 17, 2005

5th Annual Film Festival Theme Announced (VP)

Each year's annual Mabry Film Festival has a theme. Our themes from the past four years have been: Generations, Peace, Imagine, and Celebrate Achievement. Today we are announcing the 5th Annual Mabry Film Festival theme. We are exploring new technological horizons in the way we are making the announcement: a 23 second video podcast that can be downloaded and played on the new video iPods! Click the image above to download the podcast for your video iPods. Drop the file into iTunes and sync it to your video iPod! (Both Windows and Macs must have the latest version of Quicktime 7.0.3 or later installed!)

As with last year, we want our movies to be powerful, inspiring, and uplifting. We want to continue to give our students a powerful voice that matters for good in our world! So students, I want to challenge each of you to make movies that will astound the adults. And remember, the world is your audience!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 05:56 PM

October 14, 2005

Language Arts Research Papers

Mrs. Hartnett, our 2005 - 2006 Teacher of the Year, and Ms. Collins, our 2004 - 2005 Teacher of the Year, team-taught their first 8th grade Language Arts research unit at the beginning of the year. The students researched world-wide charitable organizations as well as those found closer to home in the metro area. Little did they know at the time how timely their work would become with the recent tragedy experienced on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

In keeping with our Mabry commitment to give our students a significant, meaningful, global voice, and as part of the end-of-unit project, a group of students was selected to communicate to our global community the wealth of information they had encountered. By sharing this information through this student podcast (which comes directly out of their curriculum), the students hope that they can in some way help the victims of these disasters.

Mabry Middle School: giving students a significant, meaningful, global voice to make the world a better place!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 05:14 PM

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