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November 07, 2005

PE Department Gets Psyched for Film Festival with Frisbees (VP)

Every year the PE Department has produced an outstanding award-winning movie for the Film Festival and has taken home an Oscar. What's even more amazing is that each year the movie team has a different Coach for their sponsor! (No pressure here for this year's sponsor, Coach Spannagel!...)

Well, like any great group of coaches, you warm up the team before the big game. That's exactly what Coach McCall did with this video podcast! The students got to start practicing their technology skills as the PE Department gears up for their BIG movie project.

Our students recently finished their Ultimate Frisby unit, and Coach McCall had the camera crew working, followed by the video software editing team. The students put together this video podcast that shows off their learning new frisbee stunts and preparing for the final round of Ultimate Frisbee.

Who said PE couldn't integrate technology into their curriculum?! Our PE Department is at the top of their game!

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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