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December 14, 2005

The Alamo "Book Report" (VP)

In 2004 two eighth graders, Cameron and Matt, made this "book report." This project demonstrates how effectively students can convey their work through video.

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December 12, 2005

The Realia Museum at the GIA (VP)

Mrs. Glenda Glenn, our 7th grade Advanced Content Social Studies teacher, is the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) of the Glenn Intelligence Agency (GIA as opposed to the CIA). Each of her "operatives" (students) are investigative agents in the quest for global knowledge. In the spring of 2005, she began the Realia Museum, with collections from her travels. The museum has grown with acquisitions from two grants, additional donations, and visiting exhibits.

Artifacts from the museum collection were professionally photographed by her operatives and assembled in iPhoto to create a virtual museum. This project will ultimately yield a hardback book, which will also be made available as an online pdf download. The operatives wish to share their collection with students and teachers around the globe.

As a teaser for this upcoming release in January of 2006, the GIA has sponsored the creation of this video podcast. As you view the podcast, note the exemplary museum quality of the student work.

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