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May 14, 2006

Mission Possible IIb

Gretchen1On May 3rd, in Podcast Central, I published Mission Possible. Our objective was to award an iPod Nano to the student whose essay, designed to help students excel at Mabry next year, was the best. The contest was so close we just had to have three winners! An iPod Nano was awarded to Katie. Two students, Gretchen (pictured) and Kyle, tied for second place, each with just one point less than Katie!

This podcast, by Gretchen, is the second in the series, Mission Possible, from our three winners. Students and parents both, listen carefully to Gretchen's excellent advice on how to achieve our school goal while maintaining active involvement in sports. If you follow her advice, I guarantee you will have even greater success at Mabry! We are making each of these mp3 podcasts so the students can actually download themselves into their new iPods!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated. Everyone submitted excellent entries!

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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