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January 17, 2007

Life Science Students Study Genetic Transformations (VP)

Our seventh grade Life Science students have learned about transgenics: the process of extracting genetic material from one organism and inserting it into another. In this podcast they clearly describe the scientific process of this experiment in which they extracted a DNA plasmid from a jellyfish and inserted it into the DNA of a bacteria. They grew this new microorganism in the lab, designing a new species of bacteria which manufactures a protein that fluoresces under UV light, indicating that the new DNA had been successfully inserted into the DNA of the bacteria.

Our students are getting an authentic look at how genetic scientists are using new technologies to create treatments (and hopefully someday even cures) for diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia to name a few.

Did you learn this in your 7th grade science curriculum?!

Or you can click on this link to watch this podcast in your browser!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 09:04 PM

Piggy Week (VP)

Seventh grade Life Science students have been busy studying body systems and anatomy. This podcast by Mrs. Larkin and her students shows her students highly engaged in learning.

Or you can click on this link to watch this podcast in your browser.

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Celebrating a Birthday

Students in Mrs. Kaplan's 8th grade Language Arts class studied a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe. In this podcast, Thomas' opening sentence sums up the quality of this student project: "Welcome to Mrs. Kaplan's class' literary theatre..."

And theatre it is!

We post this podcast now as a celebration of the author's birthday, which happens to be in just 2 days: Friday, January 19, 1809.

Student producers: Collin and Kyle
Student readers: Caitlin, Jillian, Kristen, Kyle, and Lance
Student Narrator: Thomas

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January 10, 2007

Mabry Helps Children in Peru (VP)

Mrs. Miceli is one of Mabry's sixth grade Social Studies teachers. Her sister and her husband (Karen & Paul Whitley) are missionaries who work in Peru. They have actively been working to raise funds to help build an orphanage in San Francisco, Peru. Before they left for their most recent trip back to Peru, Mrs. Whitley asked Mrs. Miceli if her classes would like to collect crayons and coloring books for the orphans, who are of Incan decent. As Mabry 6th grade students will be studying about Peru and the Incans, Mrs. Miceli thought this would be a great project for her students to accept, giving her students a firsthand experience with the people of Peru.

Mrs. Miceli is so proud of her students. Their response was wonderful. They got to make a direct contribution to the people in a country they will study. And, for them to give up their Halloween candy for the orphans was an added bonus. This podcast features several Mabry students' reflections on what they saw and learned as a result of their contribution.

You can also learn more about this project at this link at the Mabry Global Learning Collaborative.

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Mabry 7th Grade Book Chat (VP)

Mabry 7th grade Language Arts teachers sponsor a book chat in which students and parents read the same books (1 of the selected titles from the Dream Series) and then enjoy being in class together experiencing a variety of activities based on their reading. During the book chat "coffee house" parents and students complete a guided discussion about the book they have read and even get to meet the author personally, ask him questions, and just savor reading and learning.

This podcast features author Brett Hodus talking about his day at Mabry and the writing process. You will hear from Mabry's 7th grade Language Arts teachers and see pictures taken during the event.

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