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April 26, 2007

2007 Best Teaching & Learning (VP)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 6th Annual Mabry Film Festival. We begin our evening extravaganza with students from the Mabry Orchestra performing Celtic Fiddle Tune. Please welcome our Celtic Fiddlers!

Orchestra performs: “Celtic Fiddle Tune”

In May of 2001 Mabry Middle School held our first Film Festival. We did something really new: All of our movies were produced on the computer. At that time we did not realize that this simple idea, to have students and teachers use more technology in class, would lead Mabry Middle School to set the standard for technology innovation in public schools.

As a result of this plan, last year Mabry was awarded Scholastic and Intel Corporation’s prestigious School of Distinction Award for Technology Innovation, an award that brought over a quarter million dollars worth of technology to our school. Amazingly, by leveraging connectivity through the iTunes store and’s Podcast Central, our students’ and teachers’ work has been seen all over the world.

Our website has served up over 300 gigabytes of data to users the world over. And this figure does not include a single digital media file! We have actually received emails from every continent on earth. And hundreds of visitors from all over the United States as well as the United Kingdom, the Republic of Georgia (the former Soviet Union), and Australia have come to Mabry to see how we accomplish the amazing work we do with digital media. Tonight we have the privilege and the pleasure to present to you the 6th Annual Mabry Middle School Film Festival.

Tonight we celebrate our theme: “Making Our World a Better Place.”

Best Teaching & Learning

Our first category for the evening is Best Teaching and Learning. The objective for these movies was to create a movie that would be the best representation of curricular significance.

The nominees are:
• Clase de Español
• Immigration Past and Present
• Who Is An American
• Who Lives and Who Dies

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