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May 23, 2007

The Pythagorean Award at Mabry (VP)

Pathagorean AwardDr. Tyson began the Pythagorean Award at Mabry during the 2002 - 2003 school year to recognize the highest math achievement at our school. The trophy itself, pictured to the left, is an original work commissioned by the renouned Hans Gobo Fräbel studios. The giant "greater than" mathematical symbol reads, "Math Achievement: We're greater than!" and holds the name of each year's winner.

Our math students in 8th grade are invited to come to school early to take a very difficult math test. The top three winning students then compete in front of their entire 8th grade class solving math problems based on time and accuracy. The winning student receives a Pythagorean Award Plaque and this highest math honor at Mabry.

Additionally, we host this podcast, which you can view in your browser window, of the three bright young finalists in the 2007 competition: Emily, Eli, and Conrad. The winner of the 2007 Pythagorean Award is Conrad. Congratulations!

Emily Eli Conrad

Posted by Tim Tyson at 02:30 PM

May 22, 2007

Kid Capacity: Podcast with Mica (VP)

Mica David And Senator Chip Rogers 320-1Earlier in the year I was delighted when Mica's parents shared with me that she was selected to be a Page for State Senator Chip Rogers! In this podcast Mica and I talk about this experience, how she was selected, what her goals and aspirations are, and what this experience meant to her. You will not want to miss getting to know this wonderful Mabry student who has a very bright future ahead of her!

You can watch this podcast in your browser window by clicking on this link, or you can download it to your computer (and for your video iPod) by clicking on the image below.

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May 16, 2007

Celebrating Our Professionals of the Year (VP)

Three years ago Cobb County School District began an annual recognition program for the Professional of the Year in which each school staff elected a staff member in a non-certified position for special recognition. We wanted to do something special for these three employees, elected over the last three years, to honor their service to our school. Therefore, we created this podcast to highlight their contributions to Mabry Middle School. You may watch the podcast in your browser by simply clicking on this link.

Posted by Tim Tyson at 11:30 AM

May 09, 2007

Dr. Tyson Announces New Beginnings (VP)

In this podcast Dr. Tyson celebrates some of the many achievements of the students, parents, and staff at Mabry Middle School over the past 6 years. He announces the new principal that will begin working at Mabry on July 1st. You may watch the podcast in your browser by simply clicking on this link.

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