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La Famille

The French classes did a class project: La Famille (the family). In this podcast, Chanel describes her family in pictures, writing, and with the podcast, orally. The project was first created as an iPhoto album, converted into a movie, and, finally, developed into a video podcast in which you hear Chanel introduce you to her family. Enjoy!

posted on: May 15, 2006

Les petits poissions dans l’eau

“Les petits poisons dans l’eau” is a French poem. The title means “The Little Fish in the Water.” This poem tells us that the little fish swim as well as the big fish. Mabry French students use poetry to work on pronunciation and fluency.

The music for this Podcast was selected and edited by Mabry's French Podcast Team with songs from Bizet's "Carmen" and Disney's "Under the Sea."

posted on: November 08, 2005

French ABC

The French alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet. In this Podcast, you can practice your French alphabet along with Mabry’s French students.

Mabry's French Podcast team edited music from Bizet's Carmen and the Jackson Five "ABC" song for this Podcast.

posted on: November 08, 2005

Page d’écriture

Page d’écriture is poem by Jacques Prévert, a very famous French poet. The title of the poem means "Page of Writing." French students from Mabry’s feeder high school, Lassiter, are the voices of the teacher, student and narrator in the poem. The student in the poem is bored with her lesson and upon seeing a bird out the window of her classroom calls to the bird to play with her. This Podcast will be used to work on students’ oral fluency.

The music you hear at the beginning and the end of this Podcast is from Bizet's opera, "Carmen."

posted on: November 08, 2005

The French Jump Rope Song

This podcast teaches the days of the week to a traditional French jump rope song. The music is from Bizet's "Carmen" and "Walk the Dog" from This is the first teacher podcast produced by Mabry's students who are studying French.

posted on: August 25, 2005

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