Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
May 12, 2005


Welcome to Sixceed!

Mrs. Hartnett's and Mrs. Collins's eighth grade language arts classes have created this blog for rising sixth graders to Mabry.

Click on this link to see the awesome Skylight Panorama that welcomes you to Mabry!

You can click and drag on the moving pano to make it move in the direction you wish. You can also use the <shift> and <control> keys to zoom in and out of the halls!

We hope that by visiting this blog all students and parents will gain a clear view of life in middle school, specifically at Mabry. This was a wonderful way to practice expository writing, while at the same time learn how to blog and use programs such as Photoshop and Ecto. Sixceed is a student created piece, for students by students. Enjoy our eighth graders' first attempt at blogging, glitches and all!

To quickly navigate through the different categories of posts to this blog, simply click on a category name in the sidebar on the right. You can also find the title of each individual post listed in the sidebar on the right. Clicking on one of the titles will take you directly to that post.

Many wonderful and patient people are to be thanked for their help. The sixth grade teachers, who were called upon for their interviews, photographs, etc.(time and time again!) are to be especially thanked from the bottom of our hearts. Even when interrupted during their planning time, they were always welcoming and kind. Thank you!!!

To all other teachers and staff, we thank you again!

A special thanks to Ms. Tanya Ditty, a Cobb Technology Instructional Specialist, who dedicated many hours in and out of class to instruct and guide our students through this process. Warmest thanks!

Jo Anne Preston, Mabry's own technology guru, our other right hand and savior. Gracias!

Mabry has the best students and staff...welcome to next best three years of your life!!!

Mrs. Carmen Hartnett and Mrs. Romaine Collins
8th Grade Language Arts

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Comments from 8th to 6th

Great Words, From Fellow 8th Graders To Upcoming 6th Graders!

  • Middle School for me was such a great experience. I had more freedom when I first came. Sure I didn't know what was going on, but when I began developing friends, it was a breeze to finish 6th,7th, and 8th. The teachers are really nice, just try to stay out of trouble. I've learned that myself. I hope you enjoy middle school like I did.
  • I have never gotten into trouble. It's easy, all you have to do is listen to the teacher, and DON'T CHEW GUM!!!!! You can easily get honor roll by doing your work and by studying. If you need help you can come in early in the morning.
  • MABRY IS GREAT!!!!!! Mabry has a lot of cool stuff to get into, like chorus, band, football, basketball, and much, much more. Also, if you're not into sports or playing music, there are always the clubs too! Have fun, do great, and learn a lot!
  • Middle school is very different in some good ways and in some bad ways. I have gotten in a lot of trouble at Mabry, and I have learned the hard way that, NO MATTER WHAT, try to go by the rules. The school work isn't that hard unless you get behind, but if you don't, then you will be okay. But even if you have trouble with certain things, there are classes that can help you with that. I hope you have a good time at Mabry.
  • Middle school is a big change from elementary school, and it's not as hard as you think it is.
  • Don't get in trouble. It's best to make friends at the beginning of the school year.
  • Do your homework; meet new people; try to make friends with different groups of people. It's not that hard. It's challenging but fun. You have more space and more freedom. Just have fun.

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Pods At Mabry

Pods-Where It All Takes Place!

Coming next school year '05-'06, Mabry is changing with new improvements including the commons area.

What Are Pods?
Pods are where all the Mabry students' classes are held.

Where’s My Locker?
Lockers are located outside your classes in the commons area.


A large number of teachers, more text books, changing classrooms, counseling, and conference room in the 6th grade hall are some of the changes coming your way. Every grade is getting new science rooms, new technology, and better lockers. The cafeteria will be moving outside so all grades can eat together and the offices for teachers will be built.

Yes, some classrooms will be relocating; the science classrooms will be located outside.

Yes, there will be new lockers around the offices and around the commons. Yes or no. It depends on what your homeroom teachers assigns you.

Yes, there will be a new cafeteria; it will be located outside and all grades will be eating at different times. For more additional information view these posts: Comments from 8th graders to upcoming 6th graders

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Foreign Language

Unfortunately, you will not be able to start foreign language until you are in 8th grade, but when you start, it’s so much fun!

We learn how to speak a foreign language so in the future we can use them in our jobs or just for conversing with other people.

At Mabry we offer four foreign languages, but only three are academic classes during the day : French, Latin, and Spanish. German is an elective taught in the morning before school.

There are three foreign language teachers. Mrs. Rivera and Mrs. Pearson are the Spanish teachers. Mrs. Israel-Hiles is the French and Latin teacher. The German teacher is a teacher from Lassiter High School.

View posts on our foreign language teachers for further information.

  • Mrs. Israel-Hiles
  • Mrs. Rivera
  • Mrs. Pearson

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May 09, 2005


Connection Classes


ART – In art you will be involved in various hands on projects such as painting, clay, and sketching. You will study art history. Mrs. Evans is the art teacher. The class is located all the way down the Connections hall and to the left.


Business – When you’re in business, you will be practicing Typing Time, which is a typing exercise. You also will be creating Power Points and graphs. The business teacher is Ms. Heckathorn. Business class is located in the 8th grade hall on the right.


Chorus – In chorus you will be singing in competitions (This only applies to the 3rd nine weeks.) and during class. You will also study music, that you perform, and its history. Also, you learn how to read and take tests on music. For chorus your teacher will be Mrs. Smith. Due to construction, chorus will be in a different room.

Drama – In drama, you will act out plays on the stage, in the theater, and with musicals. Acting and stage cues are also a part of this class. You will study history of the plays that you do on stage. The teacher for drama is also Mrs. Smith. Due to construction, the drama room will be moved.

BUSINESS- Mrs. Heckathorn
1.What do the sixth graders learn in business?
--I teach typing and literacy.
2.What programs will be used?
--I use Word, Database, Power Point, Inspiration, and Typing Time.
3.Does every student get his or her own computer?
--Yes, every student gets his or her own computer.

CHORUS- Mrs. Smith
1.What paper work is written in Chorus?
--They write about composers, artist, and songs.
2.What are some songs you sing?
--We sing popular, religious, and Christmas songs.
3.What are some trips you take?
--Sixth & seventh grades go to Six Flags, and 8th grade goes to Orlando. All grades go to festivals.

DRAMA- Mrs. Smith
1.What do you learn in drama?
--We learn about plays, musicals, cues, commercials, and history of music.
2.Do you preform plays?
--Yes, we perform musicals.
3.How many kids are in drama?
--There are about thirty in a class.
4.How would you join?
--It's a normal connection class.

Art- Ms. Evans
1.What will your sixth graders learn?
--I teach elements of art and a variety of materials.
2.Do 6th graders enjoy art?
--Yes, they enjoy art.

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Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Mabry Students
"Dress For Success,
Not To Impress"

What Not To Wear:

  • Short skirts/shorts
  • Flip-Flops
  • Hats
  • Pj's
  • See- through garments
  • No visible cleavage/mid-drift
  • Clothing or ornamentation displaying suggestive phrases, designs, markings or profanities
  • Sun dresses
  • Spandex Materials
  • Jeans with holes throughout them or frayed hemlines
  • Chains
  • Loose fitting pants
  • Going barefoot

Hats and PJ's may be worn on PJ day and hat day, or when you have a pass or permission from either a teacher or an administrator.

This outfit is not appropriate for school because her stomach is exposed, her sleeves aren't fully covered, and her shorts are too short.


This outfit is appropriate for school because she is wearing closed toe shoes. Her pants and shirt appropriately cover her.


Remember, boys and girls! Always dress for success and not to impress!

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Welcome to Mabry Middle School!!!

  • In sixth grade you will be introduced to a new program called iMovie.
  • iMovies are short, two-minute videos about a certain topic.
  • The topics are different every year.
  • Last year the topic was "Imagine".
  • iMovies need to be about the assigned topic .
  • If you have questions, ask your homeroom teacher.
  • You will be introduced to many new technologies, like the iMovie making program and video cameras.
  • Macs are the computers that you will be using to produce the iMovie.
  • You can enter your iMovie by yourself, in a group, or under other categories.
  • If your iMovie excels above the rest, it might win an award at the Film Festival.
  • For more information about the Film Festival, click on the Mabry Film Festival post.

How to be in an iMovie/How to Make a great iMovie

  • You must be trained to operate the cameras and computers.
  • You will be asked to get a form signed by your parent or guardian to allow you to participate in an iMovie.
  • You will want to use the tripod and any special microphones that they give you.
  • Special effects in the iMovie maker program enhance your presentation.

We hope this has been educational! IMovies are fun to make and watch.

We hope you will get involved with iMovies. They are innovative and challenging!

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March 29, 2005

The Brain of Mabry

The Brain of Mabry

The Office
The office is a place to be familiar with before attending Mabry.

Dr. Tyson is the principal.

Mrs. DeBardeleben is the assistant administrator.
Mrs. Dickson is the assistant principal.

Pink Pad - The pink pad is what students use for a delivery of any kind.

Blue Pad- The blue pad is what students will use if students are late and need to sign in.

Yellow Pad- The yellow pad is what students use if their parents come to pick them up early for any reason, or if they're sick and need to be picked up.

Cindy Jackson is the counselor for sixth and seventh grade.
Pat Gendron is the counselor who works with seventh and eighth.

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March 25, 2005

Study Habits

How to Have Good Study Habits


Advice from Mabry 6th Grade teachers!

* Set aside time just for studying.
* Don't fall behind.
* Record all your assignments in your agenda.
* Be prepared.
* Go to all of the study sessions that your teachers have.
* Study guides are very helpful.
* Have someone quiz you on the information.

Helpful Hints from KiDS at Mabry on Studying

* Make sure you go over all your materials.
* Study your study guides.
* Memorize as much information as you can.
* Review what your test is going to be on.
*Go to the study sessions.
* Have a friend or family member quiz you.
*Re-Read the chapter.

Mrs. Brown-Curry - Science

Mrs. D
avis - Science

Mrs. Lippincott - Math

Mrs. Cushman - Language Arts

Mr. Vernie - Math / Social Studies

Ms. Mitchell - Math

Mrs. Burke - Language Arts

Mrs. Miceli - Social Studies

Mrs. Sneed's Social Studies Blog
Also See Mrs. Sneed's Science Blog!

  • Record EVERYTHING in your agenda EVERY DAY! - Mrs. Davis
  • Set aside time for studying ONLY! - Mrs. Sneed
  • Reread and Reread your study guides. - Therann
  • Go over all your materials and work hard! - Alex
  • If I don't study, then I get grounded, so I study. - Josh
  • Go to ALL of the study sessions. - Ben
  • Prepare for your test a week or so in advance. - Brittany

Homework Hotline

The homework hotline is a wonderful resource to help you remember what homework you have and what you need to study for. The homework hotlines are set up by each teacher for each individual subject. Each number has an extension for each teacher so they can put the day's assignment on their hotline. The homework hotline is a great resource for success!

What the 8th graders at Mabry have learned from good study habits...

We have learned to always check our agendas and write everything down. Remember to study a few days in advance so you can comprehend everything you need to study. If you study for your tests, you are not as scared because you know all the material. We have learned that, if you get better grades, then you get rewards. Also, your parents won't get mad!


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Welcome To P.E./Connections

When coming into Mabry Middle School you might be a little confused by the schedules. These schedules are different from what you are use to in elementary school. If you look on your schedule you will see that there are two classes that are different from your ordinary classes. These are your connections. Connections are academic electives. Every nine weeks you will get new connections. There are a variety of connections in Mabry Middle School. There will be your usual P.E. and art but there are also some other fun electives such as Fitness Band, Chorus, and Orchestra are the none required ones that go all year round. Guitar is a connection to look forward to in your years at Mabry since it is one of the required connections you will take in your eight grade only. If you are interested in knowing about the connections mentioned, and even some not mentioned in the paragraph above, go to Building and click on any of the connections you want to learn more about. For more information, go to post named Connections.


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Library & Media Center

Pictures of the library and an interview with Mrs. Hendrix


The nonfiction section in the library.
The computer section.
The reference section.

Interview with Mrs. Hendrix

Q. What are the rules of the media center?
A.As far as behavior goes, all the rules in the Mabry Handbook apply. Generally, most kids have two books, because that's the most they can handle to return on time. We have a two week circulation period, and we do have overdue fines. If a book is overdue for four weeks, they need to pay the entire price of the book. And we are big on no gum.

Q: What time does the media center open?
A: The hours are usually 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Q: Besides books, what other items are there for kids to use?
There are all kinds of graphics materials and computers with supervised Internet use (according to Cobb policies). As far as check out materials, there are digital cameras, digital camcorders, and iBooks. There are two laser printers, a color inkjet printer, and a scanner.

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School Store & Black Box

This is a list of the items sold in the School Store and their prices.
Check out the list when you come here in August.

This is the Black Box; there is one in every commons area. Whenever you need to turn in money, you put it in the money envelopes, put your name on it, and turn it into the black box.

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Interview with Mrs.McCrary


-What do you do?
"I work with software and teach teachers about technology and strategies."

How long have you worked at Mabry?
"12 years."

How do you think technology has aided students?
" It provides students different avenues for learning."

What do you plan to do with 6th graders?
"Assist 6th grade teachers with student learning."

Working at Mabry Middle School, what activities do you do with students?
"The Film Festival, which is the i-Movie awards."

What can upcoming 6th graders do to prepare for all the technology here at Mabry?
"Use it every day, learn to type, and create and initiate."

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P.E. and Health

Welcome to sixth grade P.E. and health!
More freedom and choices in middle school P.E. are available at Mabry!

You learn new sports in P.E.

You learn to play:
Handball, Raquetball
Hockey, Volleyball
Rugby, Frisbee
Track, and Dances

Coach Graber and Coach Jones
Coach Spannagel and Coach McCall

Health is fun and important, too!

You learn important facts you need for a healthy life.
You have free days when you can play games and sports.
You also have food days when students bring in food to eat.

You are not required to take showers after P.E.
(no one uses them)

Your P.E. and Health teachers are here to help!

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Mabry's Important Places

The Theatre,
The School Store,
The Library,
The Bookkeeper

The Theatre

  • The theater is the first place you will go if you come to school early.
  • Study hall takes place here.
  • School assemblies take place here.

The School Store

  • You can buy your agendas here.
  • You can get school supplies here.
  • Open only in the morning from 8:45 to 9:00.

* To see all the items sold in the School Store and their prices, go to the School Store/Black Box post.*

The Media Center

  • Check out books.
  • Mrs. Hendrix runs the library.
  • You are allowed to do research here.

*To see more pictures of the library and to read an interview with Mrs. Hendrix, go to the Library post.*

The Bookkeeper

  • Mrs. Solomon is in charge of all the money.
  • Her office is located by the front office.
  • You put any money for trips or for any other item in the Black Box in every commons.

*To learn more about the Black Box, go to the School Store/Black Box post.*

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What is a Blog?

Come see the new way to get ahead.

Why is a Blog useful?

  • Blogs are a great way to communicate with students and their parents.
  • Blogs are one way of reviewing what happened in class that day and can expound upon what was taught in class.
  • Blogs are another way to get homework, study guides, and links to other assignments.
  • For overanxious parents, they are able to see and monitor what their kids are doing on their field trips.

What can be found in a Blog?

  • Information about upcoming projects and tests
  • You can find posted movies and power points that show future events.
  • You can also find posted pictures , information on upcoming field trips, homework assignments, and teacher updates.
  • And, last but not least, online books, study guides, and review sheets can also be accessed through the Blog.

Accessing a Blog

  • Blogs are simplified web sites and are easy to access.
  • They can be accessed at any time, whenever it's convenient.
  • To access the Blogs Click Here

The Blog is a powerful tool for the modern classroom.

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Interview with Mrs.Preston


We asked Mrs.Preston a few questions that may help you in your 6th grade year. We asked her a little bit about herself and what she does for you.


-What do you do?
"I manage all technical resources."

How long have you worked at Mabry Middle School?
"Four years."

How do you think technology has aided students?
"It has created a fun and creative environment for which to learn your curriculum."

What do you plan to do with the 6th graders?
"Show the equipment, how to use it, and how to log onto the network."

Working at Mabry Middle School, what activities do you do with students in general?
"Teach students how to use Apples and Windows."

What can upcoming 6th graders do to prepare for all the technology at Mabry?
"Know how to type!"

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Mabry Film Festival

Walk down that the Mabry Film Festival


School used to be so boring, until Dr.Tyson received money from the county and donations from different people to buy new technology. He purchased cameras, laptops, and computer programs the are used to make iMovies. These are put into the creation of I-movies that then go to the Mabry Film Festival.

The Mabry Film Festival is being held April 16th. You arrive at 7:00p.m. and find your seat designated by the number on your ticket.

You can acquire a ticket by either being a member of the iMovie team, or receiving one from your teacher.

The film festival.....

  • has several categories; they are judged on Best Picture, Best Screen Play, Best Special Effects (yes, they get to use cool special effects), Best Sound, and Best Acting.
  • and it has a strict dress code......Dress like you are a star.
  • has FREE FOOOOD!!
  • plus, it has interviews with the film makers.

The film festival is run by the administration, Dr.Tyson, and the judges.

* If you miss the stupendous Film Festival of Mabry,
you can purchase the entire thing on a DVD from your teacher *

Mabry Oscar Night is a night when students can come together with teachers, without the stress of learning, and have a good time. Usually, school is all about learning, and quite frankly, it can get boring and frustrating at times, but Dr. Tyson has realized this and has provided us with tools we use to make school a lot more fun.

The students and teachers of Mabry would like for you and your friends to come to the Mabry Film Festival!

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March 24, 2005

Open House

Open House!!!!! Get A Sneak Peak!

Why go to open house? For one, you will get to know Mabry before you get here! Also, you'll get to know the teachers . Open house is a great way to learn about your new middle school career!

You can also learn important information about your child's school. Open house allows students and parents a chance to meet one another. Each teacher gives a brief overview of his or her class requirements.

Ease any anxieties that you may have with a visit to your pod and classes. Get your schedule and learn the ropes before you get there!

Open house is held in the 6th grade commons area.

If you want to get to know your teachers, learn your new curriculum, check out your learning enviroment, then come to Mabry Middle School's AWESOME OPEN HOUSE!!!!!!!


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Join a Club at Mabry!

Get Involved and join a club!
Clubs at Mabry are fun!!!

Charger Club: Charger Club is a group of students that get the school involved in community service projects. They meet a few times a month before current projects. Many members say they love it and can't wait to help.

To sign up: Fill out an application in the office and get a recommendation from your homeroom teacher.

Science Olympiad:
Science Olympiad is a network of students (6th, 7th, and 8th) that reach out to the community...just in a scientific way! Members love it and say it is a lot of fun to be able to do science experiments and even go to the Chattahoochee to canoe! Science Olympiad meets every Wednesday at 8:10 a.m.

To sign up: Just show up!

Art Club: In Art Club, you learn how to weave, mold clay, and create other exciting art projects! You meet in the art room every Thursday morning.

To sign up:
Go to the art teacher at Mabry(Mrs. Evans), and tell her you want to sign up!

Environmental club:
In Environmental Club, you learn how to measure water and make the environment around you safer. You meet every Wednesday morning in Mrs. Caroll's room.

To sign up:
Just show up!

Math Counts:
Math Counts members do difficult math, and they frequently go to competitions. They meet on Thursday mornings, and the members say it is difficult but challenging.

To sign up: Go to see Mrs. Klucsarits.

Mabry Singers: Mabry singers learn how to read music and sing fun songs as well as challenging foreign language songs. Mabry singers go to festival at the end of the year and maybe even Six Flags.

To sign up: Just tell Mrs. Smith you want to join!

Joining a group at school is fun and a great way to make friends!!

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Grading Scale

Grading Scale For Cobb County Middle Schools

1. All subjects shall be graded by means of an A, B, C, D, or an F, according to the following guidelines:
A. Shall represent an average of 90-100 and shall indicate superior achievement.
B. Shall represent an average of 80-89 and shall indicate above average achievement.
C. Shall represent an average of 74-79 and shall indicate average achievement.
D. Shall represent an average of 70-73 and shall indicate minimum achievement.
F. Shall represent an average of below 70 and shall indicate failure to achieve.

I shall represent incomplete work. A student may have fourteen (14) calendar days after the close of each semester or quarter to complete make-up work that shall be accepted on the same basis for all students. A student is ineligible until the make-up work is completed and the required passing grade(s) is/are recorded.

NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates that the requirements have been adjusted to meet the student's instructional needs.

2. Math shall be reported as an instructional level and a grade.

3. Conduct shall be evaluated as Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory.

4. Students enrolling in Cobb County schools with less than two weeks remaining in the grading period shall receive grades based on the transcript from the sending school. Parents shall be notified of this procedure.

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Other Opinions On Grading

Student Questions:
1) Has your teacher(s) allowed you to make-up work ?
2) What do you think of your teachers?
3) Is the grading scale fair?

1) No, never. They stick to it.
2) They are sort of easy, but they give pretty hard tests.
3) I think the scale should have larger increments, maybe 15.

1) Yes.
2) They are medium; some are hard and others are easy.
3) I think it's fair. Study.

1) Yes.
2) Fairly easy, but we have a lot of homework.
3) Well, you do get what you deserve if you don't study, but I think it should be at least 10 increments--even for D's and C's.

Teacher Questions:
1) What is your grading policy?
2) What is your make-up work policy?
3) Do you have any homework tips?

Social Studies*Vernie
1) The same as the Cobb County policy.
2) No make-up work unless you are sick. I am very strict on that rule.
3) Just do it.

Language Arts*Shaw
1) The same as the Cobb County policy, in most cases.
2) She accepts late work with most assignments, but with penalties.
3) Do it, if you want to pass.

1) The same as the Cobb County policy.
2) No make-up work unless you are sick.
3) Same as number two.

1) The same as the Cobb County policy.
2) Only if you are sick can you make it up.
3) Again, if you are sick, you can make it up, and if it is a major project, you will have to make it up.
4) Do it, read, take notes. But it's different, especially when you use textbooks more.

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Mabry has many rules that are easily accessible; you can find these rules in the Mabry handbook in your agenda. The rules that you will need to know for homework are:

Make-up Work: If it is necessary for you to be absent from school, you may call a friend to get your assignments, telephone your team’s homework hotline, or get the from your teachers when you return. Each student is responsible for being sure that all work is made up. If a student misses a test due to an unexpected absence , the student will be expected to make up the test on the day he/she returns to class. Missed class work may be picked up for students who will be out three (3) or more days. If you do this you are requested to call (770) 928-5546 before 9:30 A.M. to request the assignments. Upon return from an absence, the student will be give one day for each day he/she was absent to complete make-up work. Assignments should be completed within the number of days equal to the number of days the student was absent. Missed class work for extensive (five or more days) will be coordinated by the counselors and teachers. Connections makeup time for work missed on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, 8:15 A.M. Teachers will be available to work with students needing to make up missed assignments.

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Mabry KNN News

KNN News
You're not in the Mabry News until you start rollin'...

Equipment-1 Camera-1 Newsroom-1

The Mabry News that informs you!!!

For an interview with Mrs.H, the head of the KNN News, view the Interview post.
~ It's shown on Fridays.
~Students inform you of upcoming events.
~Upcoming birthdays and fish winners are announced.
Visit the Interview post for more information about Fish drawings.
~It takes care of the normal announcements, the Pledge and the moment of silence.

For an interview with Sarah, a reporter on the KNN News, view the Interview post.

Come Join the Fun!

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Mac Lab

The Mac Lab is fun and great for every one!

Welcome to the Mac Lab!
With Respect and Responsibility comes freedom!

* For more information on rules in the mac lab visit the Rules in the mac lab post.


* For the interview with Mrs. Preston go to the interview with Ms. Preston post.

* For the Interview with Mr. Vernie go to the interview with Mr. Vernie post.

* For interview with Mrs. Gendren go to the interview with Mrs. Gendren post.


Good Luck! Exit to the left!

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Interview with Mr. Vernie


Mr. Vernie

Q) What subject do you teach?
A) I teach social studies and math.

Q) How many times do you visit the Mac Lab?
A) We have visited the Mac Lab 5 times this year.

Q) Do you let the students sit where they want?
A) I let students sit were they please.

Q) What does your class do in the Mac Lab?
A) We work on geography in the Mac Lab.

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Musical Teachers at Work

These three dedicated people lead one of the best middle school music programs in the Nation!

Scott-3 Welborn-1 Doemel-2

Mabry's Band & Orchestra

What is your musical history?
Doemel- "I've been in band since the 5th grade. I've played trumpet, tuba, and French horn. I played in the Army Band for 4 years and in the Macon Symphony."

Welborn- "I've played in the band since the 6th grade; I have played the French horn which I have now played at the professional level for 25 years. I have also drum majored."

Scott- "I've gone to college, and I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education."

What is your education?
Doemel- "I have a Bachelor's Degree in music performance. Also, I went to Florida State University and Missouri State University for music."

Welborn- "I went to Southern Mississippi University for an undergraduate degree in Music Education"

Scott- "I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Master's in Progress at Georgia State."

How long have you been teaching?
Doemel- "I taught five years at Nash Middle School, three years at Dodgen, and this is my fourth year here at Mabry."

Welborn- "I've taught about ten years."

Scott- "I've taught about five years."

What are your goals for your students?
Doemel- "I want the students to appreciate music, to develop skills on the instrument that they have chosen, and for them to move on to high school playing in the orchestra."

Welborn- "I want them to have a value of hard work and for them to work together."

Scott- "I want them to learn and discover the love of music."

Mabry Band Webpage

The teachers can be contacted by e-mail. Their e-mails are:


The Band Instruments

  • Trumpet
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Alto-Saxophone
  • Tenor-Saxophone
  • Baritone
  • Flute
  • Trombone
  • Percussion

The Orchestra Instruments

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Bass
  • Cello

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The Techies of Mabry

Technology teachers make Mabry great!


Our school is top of the line with all the new technology!

  • Technology teachers guide students in the pursuit of excellence in education. Mabry gives students the responsibility and opportunity to use school computers in the production of i-Movies. The students also get to use video cameras!
  • The Mac-Lab is where students work on powerpoints and other technology related projects. Mrs. Preston runs the Mac Lab, and from there she helps to keep Mabry's technology running smoothly.
  • The library also has computers that students can use for studying or conducting research for a project.
  • Mrs. McCrary is the head honcho in computers and software at our school. She does everything with Microsoft and Macs!
  • What's to come? Laptops?

Business room

Library computers

Mac Lab

For important interviews with
Mrs.McCrary, and Mrs.Preston,
click on the posts "Interview with Mrs.Preston"
and "Interview with Mrs.McCrary"

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March 23, 2005

Peer Pressure at Mabry

Peer Pressure at Mabry

Who to go to for help

At Mabry there are counselors to go to for help about peer pressure. There is one sixth grade counselor that will assist you if you ever have problems with peer pressure.

Click below to view the sixth grade counselor.

Mrs. Cindy Jackson- 6th grade counselor

------------------------> Cindyjackson-3<----------------------------

Comic about peer pressure


Peer Pressure (n.)- Pressure made from one's peers to behave like them or in a way they find acceptable. Don't let this happen to you! You should definitely be a trendsetter so people know not to pressure you. You don't want to be like everyone else! You want to be you own person in your own individual ways!!!

* Trendsetter- person who sets trends.

deflate IT!


*Mabry will be fun! Be positive, and you'll do just fine! Good luck!*

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Six-ceed Testing

By: Erin, Morgan and Rebecca

The CRCT: The CRCT is one of the largest tests that you will have to take in the course of your sixth grade year. It stands for the Criterion Reference Competency Test. This is a paper and pencil test, and it goes over every subject: math, science, reading, language arts, and social studies. You will take this test in your homeroom and will have breaks in between different subjects for bathroom and water breaks. In the 8th grade you will have to pass the CRCT to go on to high school. If you don’t pass it, you will be held back and take the 8th grade again. This test helps the teachers determine the best way to teach their students in the 7th grade. It could also determine foreign language should you score very high.

The Performance Series: This test determines students who need gifted classes/remedial help. This test is on computers and tests you on all of the subjects you take. When you take this test, you do it certain days in the classes that teach that certain subject.

You do not have to take the Iowa. That's one less test for you.

10 Helpful Hints:

  1. Get a good night's sleep.
  2. Eat a good healthy breakfast.
  3. If you are stressed, take deep, claming breaths.
  4. No need to study. It is on information you already know.
  5. Have two new, sharpened #2 pencils.
  6. DON’T be late.
  7. Bring water. (can’t have on desk during test)
  8. DON’T cheat; all the tests are different.
  9. Stop when the teacher calls stop.
  10. DON'T miss tests because some can't be made up.

Interviews with three six graders

1. When big tests come around, do you ever get stressed out?
Matthew- A little bit.
Rachel- Yes
Ryan- No

2. Were any of the tests hard?
Matthew- No, not really.
Rachel- Not after I took them.
Ryan- No.

3. Do you alter your daily routine?
Matthew- A little bit; I eat a healthier breakfast.
Rachel- Went to bed earlier.
Ryan- No, not at all.

Good luck on all of your tests!

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Electronic Books

At Mabry we have online books in only two subjects. Below we are going to tell you what you need to know about books online,websites, and CD's. One of the best ways to study or prepare for a test is to study online using teacher recommended sites or with electronic books.


If you do not like to study using textbooks, then these electronic books or websites are for you.

Click on subjects below for teacher recommended websites.

Language arts
Social studies

If you do receive an electronic book, you should always keep it at home in case you forget your textbook at school. One of the most important ways to succeed at Mabry is having effective study skills, and the sites will help you adapt to a new study environment.

Good luck next year!!

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Student Forum & the Junior Honors Society

The Student Forum contributes positively to Mabry!


Events Sponsored
Candy sales
Spirit Days

To manage your time
To make friends
Show school spirit
Get involved in the community

How do you join?
Talk to Administrator
Talk to either Mrs. Beal or Mrs. Miceli

Maintain a C average
No In School Suspension
No Out of School Suspension


Junior National Honor Society

What It is?
It is a club for students who achieve a 3.8 average or higher. It is by invitation only, and because it is a club, members have to pay a small membership fee. In addition, candidates have to be recommended and reflect good citizenship.

How do you join?
You are invited and, should you accept, there will be an induction ceremony for you and other inductees. Your parents will be also invited to attend.

Aim high!
Succeed at MABRY!

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Honor Roll & Academic Rewards

Hello Rising 6th graders! Welcome to the Sixceed blog. This website is about what Mabry is all about and how much fun you are going to have. Don't get worked up and nervous about middle school; we created this blog to help you on your way to becoming a happy and informed 6th grader.

Honor Roll

What is Honor Roll?
Honor Roll is an academic achievement certificate that you get when you achieve either all A's or more A's than B's. Also, it includes having all S's in conduct.

Is it hard to make Honor Roll?
Not really. If you excel in your studies and get your homework in on time, this is what will put you on the Honor Roll list.

Is it all right to not be on Honor Roll?
Yes, honor roll is for those who achieve all A's and some B's. If you only have maybe two A's and the rest B's, it is ok. You do not have to worry and be so worked up about getting on honor roll. You just have to try harder the next 4 1/2 weeks or 9 weeks and achieve your goal to be on honor roll.

Is there only one kind of Honor Roll?
No, there are two different kinds of honor roll. The first kind is Mabry Honor Roll. This is where you achieve more A's than B's and you cannot have any C's or below. Take a look at picture one. The second kind of honor roll is Principal's Honor Roll. This is when you achieve straight A's and all S's in conduct. Take a look at picture two.

Pic 1


Pic 2

Academic Rewards
After all that success, it finally pays off. People who are on the honor roll get to have a snack sometime during school in the theatre. They provide cookies, Coke, Sprite, and chips. For the people who aren't on honor roll, don't worry, you too still get to have some fun. Towards the end of the year, there is field day and renaissance. You have probably heard of field day, but here at Mabry it is slightly different. People get to compete in competitions like running, throwing a football, and hula hoop contests, etc. Also, the teachers get to compete. Renaissance is slightly different. This happens before field day. All grades get to go outside and listen to music, eat, play games, jump on the Moon-Walk, slide down air inflated slides, and sumo-style wrestling.

We hope you are excited and look forward to becoming a 6th grader here at Mabry Middle School.

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Interview with Mrs. Gendron


Q) How many online tests do sixth graders take a year?
A) Sixth graders take two tests in a year.

Q) What are the online tests called?
A) Preformance Series Tests.

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Rules of the Mac lab


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Media Center Teachers

Mabry's Media Center.... more than just books!

 Users Wsimovie Desktop Mcchairs-1-1

An interview with Ms. Hendrix
Q: What lessons do you teach the 6th graders?
A: I do an orientation, teach them how to use Cobb online resources, almanacs, and dictionaries; also, I do a CRCT review, how to use Athena Search, and the Dewey Decimal System.

Q: What's your main job?
A: I provide resources for curriculum and personal reading instructions.

Q: What are your next five major responsibilities?
A: I deal with the purchase of materials, collaboration with teachers, yearly inventory, media budget, and instruction of teachers (technical support).

Q: What would you recommend for the upcoming 6th graders to do over the summer to help prepare them for 6th grade?
A: They need to read 6-8 books over the summer break.

Q: What happens at the end of the year if you have an unpaid fine for an overdue book ?
You don’t get your report card until the fine is paid. Eighth graders are unable to get materials in high school until the fine is paid.

Ms. Hendrix
The Researching Area
Ms. Hiss

An interview with Ms. Hiss
Q: What are your most important jobs in the media center?
A: I assist students and teachers and Mrs. Hendrix with a variety of tasks.

Q: How is the media center used?
A: Students and teachers check out books to read, research information for projects, use computers, and read newspapers and magazines.

Mabry Home Page
Dr. Tyson's BLOG
Media Center BLOG

Don't worry! If you have any problems, there are teachers here to help!

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1st Day of School

Welcome To Mabry!

The First Day of School is very exciting!

6A teachers
6B teachers

* You meet new teachers.
* Make new friends.
* Change classes for the first time.
* Check out your locker.


See the new building.
1. Science Labs
2. Cafeteria
3. Classrooms

What will I do when I get to school?
The Sixth grade students will go to their home room classroom. The school will send out letters saying who their home room teacher is.

What will my first day be like?
The Students will spend a long time in home room on the first day of school. They will be getting their schedules, lunch procedures, and what to expect the rest of the week. In their classes the students will not get their textbooks, they will just meet the teachers and get to know them. The students will go through all of the classes and even their connections classes.

Will I have a locker?
Yes, the students will have a locker. The lockers will be assigned later during the week by their home room teacher, but they will not have them the first day.

Should I ride the bus on the first day of school?
Yes, the students should ride the bus the first day of school. This is recommended because the students will find out their bus stop and what time the bus comes and who is on their bus.

How much time do I have between classes?
They will have just long enough time to move to the next room. They will maybe have about four minutes, but when there is a scheduled locker break, they will have longer.

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Similar to an online report card that is always accessible by registered parental units or guardians


Click to Go to i-Parent login

- How do you get i-parent?
Registering at the beginning of the year by your parent or guardian will give them the availability of an always-accessible online report card.

- What types of things are accessible by i-parent?
Grades, missing assignments, due dates, etc.

- How often is i-parent updated?
Depending on the teacher, I-parent should be updated every day.

1.Do your parents use I-parent to check your grades?
2. Do they like/dislike the I-parent program?

Out of 50 students surveyed, 30 said that their parents do use i-parent and 20 had parents that do not use i-parent.

From the 30 students that had parents that use i-parent, 26 said that they do like it and 8 said they do not like it. Those that do not like i-parent replied that it is not updated often enough.

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8th Grade Teachers

Get To Know Your 8th Grade Teachers!

Name: Lisa Bowman
Subject: BAG/ Geometry
Homework Hotline Ex.
3282 Geo. 3281

Name: Carol Sumrell
Subject: Science
Homework Hotline ex.: 3246

Name: Allison George
Subject: Science

Name: Renee Kaplan
Subject: Language Arts
Homework Hotline ex.: 3821

Name: Ruthy Rivera
Subject: Spanish
Homework Hotline Ex.: 3701

Name: Amy Suggs
Subject: Social Studies
Homework Hotline ex.: 3981

Name: Julie Stevens
Subject: Social Studies

Name: Trellys Graber
Subject: BAG
Homework Hotline ex.: 3871

Name: Carmen Hartnett
Subject: Language Arts
Homework Hotline Ex.: 3701

Name: Romaine Collins
Subject: Language Arts

Name: Terry Meehan
Subject: Target Science/ Science
Homework Hotline ex.: Target: 3711 Science: 3712

Name: Cyndi Beal
Subject: Reading

Name: Patsy Fisher
Subject :Target LA
Homework Hotline ex.:3266

Name: Kelly Moncrieff
Subject: Social Studies/ Alg.

Name: Donna Klucsarits
Subject: Math

Have fun at Mabry next year! Don’t worry about the 8th grade teachers...They don't bite - MUCH!

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Special Service Teachers


Q. What special services are provided?
A. Students are identified that might need extra help in school.

Q. What subjects do these teachers teach?
A. They teach all subjects.

Q How is it determined whether a student needs to go to a special services teacher?
A. They go through a long process. It starts with a teacher-led collaboration. Next, the case is taken to the Student Support Team and then onto the Special Education referral process. Parents, teachers, and students are a part of this process to determine if a student is eligible for services under Georgia guidelines.

Location: First door on left after passing the office.
Quote for rising 6th graders: " Good effort and great attitude will help you succeed."


Information: Charlie Kornegay has been teaching for 20 years and loves it. He first taught in the Air Force.
Location: First door on right in 6th grade hall. Right across from the bathrooms.
Quote for rising 6th graders: " Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do," and "Don't make excuses."

Information: Connie Kirshner has been teaching for 15 years and enjoys teaching very much.
Location: 6th grade, POD C
Quote: " You get out of school what you put into it."


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March 22, 2005

Let's Dance

Everybody loves dances at Mabry!


Formal Dance
* 8th graders only
* Dress code

* Lots of fun
* Your look forward to it for three years.


International Festival
* Eat different foods from different cultures.
* People do dances from different cultures.
* Explore the world

Fall Dance

* Food
* Dj
* Dancing
* Loads of fun



Valentines Dance
* Candy
* Drinks
* Music
* All of your friends go.

Have Fun At Mabry!

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What's Counseling?

Need Help?
See your counselor!

Counseling can help anyone in lots of ways:
Peer pressure, grades, homework, family problems, testing, small groups, high school prep.

The counselors are always thinking of ways for you to make better decisions.

This is your sixth grade counselor for the year!
Mrs. Jackson

Counseling is just one of the great programs at Mabry Middle School!

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Field Trip & Performing Arts

Field Trips and Performing Arts Interviews!


Interview: Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Davis--in charge of 6th grade field trips!

Q: What are some trips you went on this year with 6th graders?
A: We went to see A Christmas Carol, and to the Fernbank Museum.

Q: What trip did you like the best?
A: A Christmas Carol

Q: What trips do you think the students liked the best? Why?
A: Fern Bank because they seemed to be having fun, and when they came back to school, they had a picnic.

Q: What are some future trips that you are looking into for next year?
A: The Grand Canyon ($1300), possibly A Christmas Carol again, the new Aquarium they are building in Atlanta, CNN tours, Dalonagha, and Stone Mountain.

Interview with 6th grade students:

Q: Did you enjoy the field trips and performing arts this year?
A: Yes, we did!

Q: What were your favorite trips and performing arts activities?
A: A Christmas Carol, and when the people came to perform the different music of Latin America.

Q: What were your favorite parts of these activities?
A: In A Christmas Carol, when the first ghost came out, and all the scary stuff happened, the play really got really cool. For the music guys, when they let people come to the stage we danced and played instruments.

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts and Field Trips


Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an exciting happening at Mabry Middle School. We have some great performers and speakers that come to our school to tell us about new experiences and different cultures.

Recently, a trio of musicians came to our school and performed the different music styles of Latin American. Students enjoyed it tremendously!

Field Trips

Each year, Mabry students go on two to three field trips with their class. There are a variety of different trips, and separate classes may go on special trips that pertain to that subject area. Mrs.Burke and Mrs. Davis are in charge of field trips for the sixth grade.

Past Trips

Jekyll Island
Orlando, Florida (Band)
Six Flags (Orchestra)
High Museum of Art
The play “A Christmas Carol”
Fernbank Museum
Lake Lanier (Band)
The 8th grade is going on a trip to Europe! Students pay a fee and travel to different places in Europe with their friends for
a week with Mabry's foreign language teachers.

Future Trips

6th grade teachers are thinking of these trips for next year!

Grand Canyon ( a fee of $1300)
CNN tours
Stone Mountain

For an interview with Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Davis, and students of Mabry Middle School, please look for the post titled "Field Trip and Performing Art Interviews" under Social Life. Thanks!

A lot of fun things are going on at Mabry! Next year should be very exciting; get ready 6th graders!

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What can get you into ISS?
Here are some ways; fighting, cussing, disrespect, bringing candy to school, gum, PDA, and secret handshakes

How many days can you get for fighting?
For fighting you could get anywhere from 1 to 5 days or OSS

What are the rules of the room?
Instead of PE you have to complete written work, and, other than that, work brought to you by your teachers.

Is the ISS room a better learning environment than a normal classroom?
In a sense, yes, because you have fewer distractions; but, a big negative is not being with your friends.

The rules of ISS are the following:

RULES OF THE ROOM (The most important)

1. I will copy these rules neatly or I will have to copy them again.
2. ISS will start at 9:20 A.M. If I am late, I must have a pass from my teacher or administrator.
3. I must bring all books, paper, pencils, pens and necessary materials to ISS.
4. I am not to make noises , faces, gestures, or interact with anyone trying to interact with me.
5. I will raise my hand.
6. I will say yes, Mr. Miles.
7. I am only given three chances to use the restroom or receive water.
8. I will not be allowed to sleep, chew gum, eat candy, play with toys or materials, turn around in my seat , look around the room, nor indulge in any disruptive or unproductive behavior.
9. Work I do not complete has to be completed at home as home work. If I fail to complete work, I may receive a grade of a zero.


To get to the ISS room is easy when you're in sixth grade. All you have to do is walk to your commons in the sixth grade section of the school and go to pod C; it's on the right-hand side of the pod. You can't miss it because it says ISS right above the door.

The sixth grade is really fun. If you learn to stay out of trouble and get along with your teachers you will do fine .... good luck!

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If you have a boo boo . . .
then you know where to go to !

~ Interview With The Nurse ~

Q 1. What do you need to do if you take medicine daily during school hours?
A. Your parents need to bring your medication (it has to be in the original bottle), fill out an authorization form, and leave it with the nurse. If it is a subscribed medication, then you must bring the prescription lable.

Q 2. What happens if you get sick at school?
A. Go to the clinic and get evaluated.

Q 3. What are your hours?
A. I work 7 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Q 4. How long have you been a nurse?
A. 18 years


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Mabry Loves to Celebrate

Mabry loves to celebrate good behavior and grades:
The Renaissance Festival

What is it?
By Derek, Catlin, and Lindsey

Who: students of Mabry Middle School with good grades and behavior

A rewarding activity for good grades and behavior

First of April

Covered play area and gym

To reward students


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Homework Policy, Grading, Syllabus


A syllabus is a sheet of paper the teacher presents to you at the beginning of the year. Your average syllabus shows.

• the course overview, or what you will being doing during the year.
• the teacher’s behavior management plan.
• the grades and how much they are worth.
• materials that may be needed for the teacher’s class.
• the teacher’s make-up work requirements.
• the homework policy.
• what would/will happen in the event of cheating.

There are many rules at Mabry. View the post on Rules for further details.
• Behavior management plan: students are given a separate behavior management plan that outlines the 6th grade behavior plan.
• Make-up work: students are responsible for any missed work. Students should utilize homework buddies and the homework hotline to keep up with missed assignments. Arrangements must be made with teacher to make up missed tests and quizzes.

Please review the Cobb County policy for guidelines of make-up work. Any work not made up is a ZERO.
• Cheating: cheating is a serious offense and not taken lightly. COMMUNICATION OF ANY SORT, FOR ANY REASON during a test, quiz, or other individual graded assignment will be considered cheating. Cheating will always result in a ZERO.

The homework policy at Mabry is an important thing to know. If you really want to get ahead of the game, you need to be familiar with the grading scale. The grading scale at Mabry is most likely exactly the same as the one at your old elementary school. View post on Grading Scale for further details.

To find some tips from the sixth grade class of '05 , view the post on
Other Opinions.

Always give 100%!!!!

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New Building

Welcome to the New Mabry!
2Guyslookingatdirt-1 Metalstuff-1

New Science Hallway

This is one of many hallways that will link to the new science rooms.

Cafeteria <-- Old and New -->
Oldcafeteria-1 Cafeteria-3

We used to have a commons for each grade level that served as a cafeteria, but now you will have one big cafeteria for each grade level to use.

Lockers-2 Insidelocker-1

Lockers are great! They allow you to be organized with your classroom materials and books.

Longtable 6Thcommons-2

Every grade level will have its own commons. Due to the new cafeteria, the tables will be removed and teacher offices will be added into the center of the commons.

The new and improved Mabry!

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Sixth Grade Technology

At Mabry we have many forms of technology that are used by everybody in the school.We have cameras for making I-movies, cameras for taking pictures. Most teachers keep Blogs, and the school has set up I-Parent for all grades.

Our school also has a web site called
Mabry Middle School.

Most sixth graders are worried about their parents being able to see their grades online via I-Parent even though they shouldn’t be; as long as you keep your grades up, then you’ll do fine!

You probably won't use the cameras, but your teachers may have you use I-books for projects and presentations. You will use desktop computers in business.

Have a great time at Mabry and good luck!


The latest technology at Mabry
. Plasma screen televisions
. Dell computers
. I-books


Kids' thoughts about school
. Peter was worried about not making friends but found out there was nothing to worry about!
. Christen was worried about getting lost but found, after a few days, she got used to it.
. Katie likes her parents to see her grades on I-Parent.

Have Fun At Mabry!

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Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Celebrating over 25 years of academic excellence
Working to attain world-class student achievement