Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.

Mr. Woolsey

Mrs. GlennMr. John Woolsey is new to Mabry Middle School. He teaches 6th grade science. Mr. Woolsey was born in Northern California and grew up in a small town in the middle of the Monterey Bay. His father was an attorney, surfer, back packer, and shared his love of the natural world with him since he was old enough to walk, and swim.

Mr. Woolsey was fortunate enough to grow up with two parents who were fascinated by the world around them and had very diverse interests. He has always been fascinated with new things and how they work. He went to UC Berkeley and worked as a California Licensed Registered Professional Forester for the last 20 years. The former licensing is the highest status one can be acquire as a forester in the state of California.

Mr. Woolsey has always enjoyed teaching the knowledge that he has acquired through his interactions with other professionals in all their specific areas of expertise, and now would like to pass on his extensive knowledge of the natural sciences not only with your sons and daughters but also with the students in his classes.

Mr. Woolsey has a 3 year old son, and is married to Dr. Laura Gould, a practicing veterinarian in the state of Georgia. He gets excited by making the sciences come alive for his student, making enquiry real, exciting, and fun.

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posted on: July 27, 2006

Mrs. Brown-Curry

Mrs. Brown-Curry Mrs. Jil Brown-Curry teaches 6th grade Science. This is her 11th year teaching and her 9th teaching here at Mabry. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Florida A & M University and completed teacher certification requirements at the University of Central Florida. She holds certificates in middle grades science and Biology (6-12) in Georgia and Florida with concentrations in math and social science.

Mrs. Brown-Curry taught all grade levels and all branches of middle school science at least once in her career. She also has a strong math background. One can tell that Mrs. Brown-Curry is passionate about her field by simply stepping into her classroom or joining one of her class discussions. She is an energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic instructor with the gift of extrinsic motivation. She respects and values her students' input and opinions. She believes that all children can and will learn and has made it her personal mission to help each child strive to reach his/her maximum potential.

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posted on: June 02, 2005

Mrs. Carroll

Mrs. Carroll Mrs. Leslie Carroll comes from a family of educators and in her over twenty-five year career has taught most of the sciences in middle and high school. Moving a few times with her husband Rob has provided her with experiences in teaching in diverse environments in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. She is beginning her fourth year at Mabry teaching seventh grade advanced content Life Science and will serve this year as the Science Department Coordinator.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Science Education from the University of Georgia and a Master of Education (Secondary Science) from the State University of West Georgia. Mrs. Carroll is also gifted certified. She has continued her education throughout her career with interesting coursework: aeronautics through NASA in Houston, learning about sea turtles as an intern on St. Catherines Island, learning about the advancing field of biotechnology at GSU, and lichen ecology at UGA- just to name a few.

She traveled to Los Angeles this spring with other Mabry educators to present at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. It was a thrill to share how Mabry students are using their research and techno-skills to create awesome wildlife documentaries.

In defining her philosophy of science education, Mrs. Carroll states, "To best comprehend science, students need to learn how to think like a scientist and participate in the scientific process. I am very lab based and think that the most memorable learning experiences are hands-on, both in the classroom and in the environment in which we live. Learning styles are different and by offering diverse learning opportunities, hopefully each student can find the spark that will generate a lifelong appreciation and quest for scientific understanding."

Mrs. Carroll was honored as the system-wide Teacher of the Year in Floyd County Schools in 1998-99. While living in Rome, she earned recognition from the community and state (Georgia Department of Natural Resources Outstanding Educator Award) for her work in programs that involve students in environmental education. Mrs. Carroll has since worked to involve Mabry students in environmental activities through her classes and the science club. She is proud of the recognition that Mabry students earned in 2005 as statewide winners at the Youth Environmental Symposium sponsored by the Georgia Conservancy. Their project to educate others about issues in Sweat Mountain Park was creative and fun. This past year the Mabry Rivers Alive event was recognized as best in the state in the largest event category!

Mrs. Carroll's hobbies include "anything science", tennis, and her new passion, golf. This summer she has been working on her golf game, traveling, and enjoying playing on many interesting and challenging courses. Mrs. Carroll and her husband Rob have two wonderful sons, Robert and William. William is in graduate school studying chemistry and Robert is working in Atlanta.

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posted on: June 02, 2005

Mrs. Cason

Mrs. GlennMrs. Jonie Cason teaches 8th grade science and has been involved with some form of education for the past 27 years. Most recently, she taught chemistry and biology at Paulding County High School. Mrs. Cason received her BS degree at the University of Tennessee at Martin and her MEd degree from the University of Memphis. She spent her first summer out of college working as a laboratory assistant at the University of Tennessee Medical Center researching dental toxicology before beginning 12 years of teaching there.

Mrs. Cason helped open a magnet school for medicine and engineering with the Memphis City School System. She enjoyed working in the Memphis Wildflower Garden and with the Sierra Club and Audubon Society on environmental projects. Her work saved a large urban park from becoming an interstate highway. Mrs. Cason met and married her husband, Will, in Memphis and when their son, Kevin, was born she taught chemistry, anatomy and biology at Shelby State Community College in the AD nursing program.

In 1985 they moved to Chicago as a result of Will's agri-business job. Kevin was in kindergarten and Mrs. Cason was a volunteer at his elementary school and at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. She was a substitute teacher and became a biology and physical science teacher at North Community High School in Downers Grove. To not see the ground for 3 months in winter was a shock to this southern belle. When Will's job took them to Kansas, she was glad that winter was 2 weeks shorter there. In Kansas City Mrs. Cason worked at an inner-city, alternative high school for former dropouts, where she taught high school science to grades 9-12. Mrs. Cason developed the hands-on, self-paced curriculum for the school.

After a short stay in Tampa, Florida, Will's company moved us to Georgia. Kevin was able to spend all 4 years of high school at Marietta High School. Mrs. Cason's husband and she worked in the touchdown club and the takedown club as a result of Kevin's love of football and wrestling. For 2 years she was a private tutor for On Location-Education which works with young people in the entertainment profession. It was a fun job that often took her to a recording studio. Shortly afterward she began teaching at PCHS.

Mrs. Cason is an avid reader and belongs to a women's book club which has been together since 1985. She lives near the Kennesaw battlefield where she enjoys gardening and birding. She has a small greenhouse that allows her to work with plants in the winter, and for several years she was supplier of the indoor plants at her church. We are glad Mrs. Cason joins our Mabry family.

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posted on: September 24, 2006

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis Mrs. Elizabeth Davis is a 6th grade science teacher. She has been teaching for 9 years, all of them at Mabry. She also serves as Mabry's Performing Arts Coordinator and mentors KSU students for future teaching positions. Mrs. Davis loves technology and hands-on learning experiences for her students in science. She even has produced an iMovie for parents and students that presents an overview of her curriculum.

Mrs. Davis loves to show students a picture she had taken with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, at the NSTA conference that was held in Atlanta. Having the picture taken made her feel like a real science geek teenager! Mrs. Davis has taken students to the Grand Canyon and this past summer, she took a group to Yellowstone National Park. They enjoyed seeing lots of wildlife such as wolves, bears, bison, coyotes, elks, and moose. Students hiked the geysers, Continental Divide, and the Grand Teton mountains. They also enjoyed shopping at Old Faithful and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Look for the podcast in the future.

Mrs. Davis volunteers as the awards coordinator for the Strong Legs Run, for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. One of her hobbies is scuba diving, and she have been diving in Negril, Jamaica, Panama City, Florida, and in the Living Seas Tank in the Epcot Center of Walt Disney World, which was so exciting because she was in the tank with many different species of fish, stingrays, and even a shark. More of her hobbies include scrapbooking and funk aerobics.

Her father was in the Marines, so Mrs. Davis lived in South Carolina, Virginia, California, and Tennessee. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a BS in Aerospace Administration, she was commissioned into the U.S. Army as an officer. She attended Officer Basic Course and Helicopter Flight Training at Fort Rucker, Alabama, where she learned to fly the UH-1 (Huey) and the OH-58A (which are like the traffic helicopters that fly over Atlanta) with over 500 flying hours. After completing flight school, she was sent to Bad Kreuznach, Germany near Frankfurt and was part of the 8th Infantry Division.

While in Germany, she and her husband traveled all over Germany, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, and Berlin. The Mabry students love to hear about the helicopters that Mrs. Daivs flew, weapons that she shot, and the many places to which she has traveled. Mrs. Davis loves her second career, teaching, and loves to do lots of hands-on experiments. Her students don’t just read about science, they do science! She has her Master’s Degree in Middle Grades Education from Mercer University in Atlanta, is married to a teacher, and is the mother of two boys.

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posted on: June 02, 2005

Mrs. Kulkarni

Ms. Kulkarni Mrs. Kulkarni teaches 7th grade Life Science and comes to Mabry from Simpson Middle School. In 2004, she was one of the 15 Georgia teachers to receive the Best New Teacher Assistance grant from Georgia Power Company. She was nominated by Kennesaw State University for this grant.

Mrs. Kulkarni emphasizes hands on activities in her classroom and believes students learn best by experimenting and investigating. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education in addition to her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Science. She came to the United States from India in 1996. We are delighted she is a member of the Mabry family.

This summer Mrs. Kulkarni visited her family in India. The summer for students in India had almost ended. All the shops and stores were full of parents and students trying to shop for books, uniforms, and other school related materials. Schools started on June 12th and the roads were packed with school buses, car riders and walkers.

On this trip, she also visited Goa, a state on the western coast of India. It is renowned for its beaches and churches. While traveling by car through the rural areas, she got to see a group of fishermen sewing the fish net. She was excited to see how the men are so deeply engrossed in their work. She was also invited on a local radio show and at the women's club to talk about the differences in Indian and American education. Ms. Kulkarni is refreshed and looks forward to the beginning of the new school year.

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posted on: June 09, 2005

Mrs. Shockley

Mrs. Shockley Mrs. Shockley teachers 8th grade Science. Born in Macon, Georgia, many years ago, Mrs. Shockley is a native Georgian. Although, she spent many years away in school and following her navy husband, Mrs. Shockley returned to Marietta in 1985 where she and her husband raised their two sons.

It was during this time that Mrs. Shockley decided to become a teacher and went back to earn her middle school science/math degree. After completing this degree at KSU, she taught Eighth Grade Earth Science in Cobb County from 1993-1997. She spent three years at Smitha Middle School and one year at East Cobb Middle School.

In 1997, Mrs. Shockley moved to Canberra, Australia, where she first taught as a graduate assistant and finished her masters at University of Canberra. She spent her last two years there teaching grades 7-10 science and math in a private school.

After leaving Australia, she moved to Texas and taught science for four years. And, now she is thrilled to be back in Georgia teaching at Mabry.
When not teaching, Mrs. Shockley enjoys hiking, tennis, wildlife studies (and other geeky science stuff), antiquing, family/friend times, driving old cars, reading, and traveling. She especially likes to go to Australia to visit her granddaughter!

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posted on: June 09, 2005

Mrs. Sumrell

Mrs. SumrellMrs. Carol Sumrell is one of our 8th grade science teachers. Her family moved here from Raleigh, North Carolina, over 17 years ago. Both of her girls were very young at the time, 3 and under. Marietta, East Cobb, is all they have known.

Mrs. Sumrell was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina in the heart of tobacco county and the pork barbeque with a vinegar based sauce her husband has now made famous among their friends. As a teenager, as many teens did, they primed, (picked) and barned tobacco to be cured and then made it into what she now considers an evil subtance, cigarettes. It was a hot, dirty, sweaty job, but Micky D's and other fast food places were not on every corner.

Mrs. Sumrell's high school days involved cheering and being homecoming queen and meeting her husband of 26 years. On July 29, 2004, their 25th wedding anniversary, she and her husband fulfilled a promise they made the first year they were married. They had Elvis remarry them in Las Vegas! It was all it should have been and more! The whole experience was fun, exciting and just a really good time. The Sumrell's children and friends were able to attend via the internet. After the true-to-Elvis ceremony was complete, they dined at the exquisite Venecian Hotel to find that their waiter was a former Cobb county resident and graduate from Wheeler high school many years earlier. Small world.

Mrs. Sumrell is a BIG fan of roller coasters and, while her husband leaves them with white knuckles that she has to pry from the handles, Mrs. Sumrell relishes each and every turn and scream with excitement, dreading the end. Life this year has also been a roller coaster in that her first born left to go to college and now has returned to study locally. Her youngest is a senior in high school; the Sumrells are moving to a new home, and Mrs. Sumrell is working toward her Masters in Science Education at Kennesaw State University.

Mrs. Sumrell has an Associate Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology, a Bachelors of Science in Middle Grades education and, as mentioned earlier, is working on her Masters. She considers herself to be a Jack, or as she says, a Jill of all trades. She loves to sew, can use a chop saw with the best of them, paint (standard and faux), wallpaper, recover furniture, lay flooring, tear out doorways and kitchen cabinets, and she has just fixed the first hole in her ceiling after very graciously putting her foot through it while in the attic. Mrs. Sumrell even possess a commercial drivers license (without air brakes, no school bus driving for her), but she has yet to tackle plumbing or electricity. She will save that for the new house.

She has always been the free spirit in her family being the youngest of three. It seems odd to her family and friends, as well as her childrens' friends, that she would be stern enough to be an effective ISS teacher. But, for whatever reason, she was a strong disciplinarian in the science classroom, and the ISS position just seemed to fit for her last year. This year she is returning to the Science class, her passion.

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posted on: June 09, 2005

Ms. Larkin

Ms. Larkin Ms. Ingle Larkin teaches 7th grade Life Science at Mabry. No one would ever guess that last year was only her 2nd year in teaching as she is a natural-born teacher. Ms. Larkin came to us from Dr. Tyson's hometown, Pensacola, Florida. In fact, she was raised on the beach and spent some time actually living on a boat. Ms. Larkin used to swim with wild dolphins in her backyard, the Gulf of Mexico. Another way cool fact about Ms. Larkin is that her dad, a high ranking military officer, used to drop his kids off at school in a helicopter. He'd land on the blacktop or the playing fields!

Mrs. Larkin has been a lifeguard for 11 years, and is now a Red Cross Instructor for lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR. Her best childhood memories, aside from the beach, are of National Wildlife Camp, a wilderness survival summer camp sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. The camp is located in North Carolina. She was a camper for 8 years. Her experiences with plants and animals at this camp are what lead her to become a science teacher. In fact, when Dr. Tyson interviewed Ms. Larkin for her teaching position at Mabry, he had to wait for her to come up out of the caves before he could reach her on the phone!

In her spare time she is a counselor at Camp Greystone in North Carolina, teaching swim lessons and working with the children and youth at her church. Her community passion is working in homeless shelters and tutoring homeless children. Ms. Larkin's best friend is her 10 month old Pug puppy, Chica.

She likes Life Science because it is gross, fun, interactive, and relevant to the real world all at the same time. Plus, the kids are really into gross and fun! This school year she says that she is looking most forward to iMovie (her team took home a coveted statue), Jekyll Island, and Piggy Week!

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posted on: June 09, 2005

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