Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
May 12, 2007

Final Yearbooks Available

We only have about 50 yearbooks that are still available for sale. They are now being sold of $35.00. Please help us avoid that last minute rush caused when everyone tries to purchase their yearbooks on the last two days of school. If you have not already done so, please purchase your yearbooks this week. Homeroom teachers have a list of who has purchased a yearbook. Contact your homeroom teacher if you are unsure.

Yearbook Cover

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October 12, 2006

School Hours

Please be aware of the rules regarding drop off areas and times for the morning for study hall, band, orchestra, chorus and intramurals. Please do not use the circular driveway for drop off after 8:10. To read more information about school hours and rules please click on the following link:

Mabry School Hours

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October 10, 2006

Conference Week

Student's, please remember that conference week begins October 16 through the 20th. You will be released early during this week at 2:15. Please remind your parents of their scheduled time with your teacher.

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August 30, 2005

Congratulations, Alex

I am pleased to announce that this fall, one of our outstanding eighth graders, Alex, and other eighth and ninth grade students from across Georgia will take part in a unique leadership development program in Atlanta. Themed Courageous Leadership, the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC), sponsored by the Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC), helps attendees take an introspective and highly personalized assessment of their leadership skills and abilities.

The Congressional Youth Leadership Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization. Founded in 1985, the Council is committed to fostering and inspiring young people to achieve their full leadership potential. More than 400 members of the U.S. Congress join this commitment by serving on the CYLC Honorary Congressional Board of Advisors. In addition, more than 40 embassies participate in the Council's Honorary Board of Embassies.

Congratulations, Alex! I know your parents could not be any more proud of you. As your principal, I believe in my heart that you will in fact live up to my dream that our students will leave Mabry and go on to make the world a better place!

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August 17, 2005

Congratulations, Gabrielle!

Gabrielle, one of our 8th grade students, has been involved in track and field for about five years now. She is a member of East Cobb Track Club which functions using Sprayberry H.S. as their home track. She ran during the spring season and continued during the summer. While spring track is mostly for conditioning, summer track is extremely competitive, and you must be successful to advance through each level of competition.

GabrielleShe is a member of two track leagues: USA Track and Field Association (USATF) and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and competed in both this summer. She is at the bottom of her age group (13 and 14 year olds compete together) and had a difficult season in her individual events. So, Gabrielle tried something new this year and entered her competitions as a multi-event participant.

Mabry is very proud to report that Gabrielle has advanced to the Regional level (Georgia, NC, SC, Virginia and Potomac Valley) in USATF and is a finalist in the national Jr. Olympic Competition for AAU. So, she went to New Orleans at the end of July!

Her mom and dad are so proud of her and want the world to know it. Gabrielle is a Pentathlete, and doing five different track and field events is no easy task. She runs the 100m hurdles, 800m run, high jump, long jump and shot put. As a national finalist she has secured her place in the athletic hall of fame, and is ranked 22nd in the country! This is indeed an accomplishment for her first time out as a Pentathlete and first time making it to the Jr. Olympics.

Two years ago the administrative team made a movie to celebrate Mabry's 25 years of excellence. I remember morphing Gabrielle's baby picture into her picture as a 6th grader at Mabry and then into Oprah. We made that movie to celebrate shaping tomorrow today because, as you can see, we believe the future's so bright, you gotta wear shades! Through hard work and persistence, Gabrielle is shaping her destiny in incredible ways!

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June 21, 2005


Let's talk about food! We have a new Mabry café. You're going to love it! The food will be prepared hot and fresh right behind the serving line!

You get to choose from a wide variety of foods at lunch. The café offers several choices within each food group to provide vari-

ety and encourage eating a balanced meal. Our menu features 4 entrée choices, 4 fruit/vegetable side dishes, bread, and dessert, along with milk or calcium fortifies fruit drink.

In addition to the traditional lunch menu, our café also offers an a la carte menu along with ice cream, bottled water, non-carbonated fruit drinks and chips. Make sure you have your lunch money every day because you can not charge for your lunch! So, make it easy--prepay for lunches for the week, month, quarter or year. You can make your payments when you pick up your lunch.

You have to know your 6 digit Cobb County Student Identification number for all purchases made in the café. You can ask the cashier how much credit you have on your account, or you can have your mom or dad call our Café manager at (770) 928-
5547 to check the balance. If you forget your money, an alternate lunch will be provided.

Our goal is to have the best lunch possible for our students at a reasonable cost. Lunch is only $1.75. When compared to a home-packed lunch of equal nutritional value, school lunches are a bargain. For information on our weekly menu and the current lunch prices please refer to the County Food and Nutrition Services web site.

Remember, it's hard to learn when you're hungry! Thanks for supporting our school café.

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Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located in the locker rooms and in the theater. Please be sure that all jackets, lunch bags, sweaters, PE clothes, etc. are clearly labeled with your name. Periodically, throughout the school year, everything left in the Lost and Found is donated to a charitable organization. Announcements are made before items are donated.

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We are very proud of our early morning intramural program. The handball teams have won the Cobb Cup two years in a
row! Other activities include basketball, tennis, dance, and much more. The schedule of events will be announced to students the first week of school,.

The intramurals program begins at 8:00 A.M. Students who arrive after 8:10 A.M. may not participate that day. The PE department is looking forward to seeing lots of students from all grade levels participate in this program. It's just a great way to get the day started!

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Homework Is Important!

Homework assignments are given by your academic teachers. Homework provides an extension to the school day
and serves as reinforcement of material that you covered with your teacher in the classroom. Frequently your teachers introduce you to new concepts in class and assign you homework as an opportunity to practice those new and important skills.

Don't hesitate to ask your parents to help you if you don't understand something. And remember, your teachers will have information posted on their blogs that may help you with your work.

This year, rather than your teachers giving you zeros for incomplete work, poorly done work, or work that was not done at all, you will be required to stay with your teacher during your PE or Connections time and do the work. If you have to stay back a 4th time in any 9 weeks grading period, you will be assigned ISS to allow you to catch up with your missed work.

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Arriving to School

Make sure you read the very important information on the front page of our web site about Mabry's new school hours. Many things have changed this year. Everyone needs to read this very carefully!

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When You Leave Something at Home

Hopefully this will never happen to you. But, if you accidentally leave something at home and your parent is bringing it to school, make sure you follow this procedure. We do not want to interrupt your classes; so, you will be responsible for checking in the front office if something is being delivered for you.

Make sure you find out from your parent about what time they will deliver the item to school. You can only check in the front office only between your classes. Do your very best to stay organized so this never happens to you.

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Field Trips

Field trips are considered an extension of the school curriculum and the regular school day. Just like being in the school building, all school rules are in effect on field trips. Students may not participate in a field trip unless they bring in a permission slip
signed by a parent.

While field trips are funded through parent donations if insufficient funds are not donated to cover the cost of the trip, the field trip is canceled.

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Emergency Drils

We are required by state law to have a lot of safety drills. These include fire drills and tornado drills. Students are to follow the procedures as explained by their teachers. Evacuation routes for fire drills are displayed in each classroom.

We take our drills very seriously. We want to make certain that you know what is expected of you in the event of an actual emergency.

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Leaving School Early

Any student who needs to leave early must bring a note signed by a parent stating the time and reason for leaving. If you are to leave school early with someone other than a parent, you must bring a note signed by your parent giving the name of the person you are to leave with as well as permission for you to do so. The note must be presented to the front gffice upon arrival at school before homeroom.

Please make sure your parents know that they need to call before 3:30 P.M. if there is a change in your routine dismissal plans.

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About the Bus

Bus Changes
You must bring a note from your parents giving permission for you to ride a bus other than your own or to get off at a stop that is not your regular bus stop. This note must be presented to the front office when you arrive at school before homeroom, and a bus pass will be given to you.

This bus pass must be given to the bus driver when you get on the bus. No permissions to change buses are ever accepted over the telephone.

Missing the School Bus
If you accidentally miss the bus in the morning, your parents are responsible getting you to school--yikes! Missing the school bus is not an excused absence. Hopefully you will never miss the bus, but if you do, you need to call your parents immediately.

Bus Discipline
The behavior of students on the school buses is considered an extension of classroom behavior. Maintaining proper conduct while on the bus is the responsibility of the student, parent, bus driver, and school officials. Students must observe the following code of conduct established by the Cobb County School District:

  • Students must show proper respect to the driver at all times and obey all driver instructions.
  • Large toys, insects, glass bottles, animals, plastic bags, straight or safety pins, skateboards or objectionable and dangerous items are not permitted.
  • Tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons or look-alikes are prohibited.
  • Students will keep his/her arms and head inside the bus at all times.
  • Nothing is to be thrown in, out or from the bus.
  • The use of obscene language or gestures is forbidden.
  • Destruction or defacing school property is prohibited.
  • Fighting or physical play is prohibited.
  • Unnecessary noise is prohibited.
  • Food, gum or drinks cannot be consumed on the bus.
  • Drivers are required to assign seats to elementary and middle school students.
  • Students must be seated at all times unless otherwise directed by the driver.
  • Students must be quiet at railroad crossings.
  • When crossing a street is necessary, students will wait for the driver to signal to cross the street and then cross in front of the bus in full view of the driver.
  • Students may transport band instruments only if space is available.
  • The emergency door, windows and hatches are to be used only at the direction of the driver.
  • Students are to be at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled time and are to wait in an orderly manner. The bus is not considered late until five minutes past the scheduled time.
  • Students may be allowed to ride a bus and to disembark at a bus stop other than that assigned for their residence provided the parent/guardian submits the request in writing to the principal for approval.
  • Any other disruptive behavior will be referred to the principal as deemed necessary to insure safe transportation of students.

We would hate for you to be suspended from bus transportation, but students who misbehave on the bus will not be allowed to ride the bus. Remember, the school district is not required to provide students with transportation to and from school.

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Being at school every single day is so important. In fact, your attendance will impact your grades more than anything else. Always be at school unless you are really sick. If you miss too many days of school, the Social Worker will come to your house to work with you and your parents to help you improve your school attendance.

When you come to school, you must leave school at the end of the day by your usual means of transportation. If you are going to leave early, you need to bring a note in to the front office in the morning. When you leave early, your parent must come in to the office and sign you out of school.

If you are late to school (arrive after 9:10), you must sign in with our attendance clerk, Mrs. Decker. She will now be seated in the front entrance of the school. She will give you a tardy pass to admit you to class.

If you have been absent from school, when you return you must bring a note explaining the absence and give it to your homeroom teacher. By state law and board policy, only the following situations are considered excused absences:

  • personal illness
  • death or serious illness in your immediate family
  • recognized religious holidays
  • absence mandated by order of government agencies (court appearance, etc.)

All other absences are considered unexcused.

Catching up on your work when you are absent is always a challenge, so remember to do your best to be present in school every day. After all, we want you to learn as much as you can.

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Every student at Mabry will have 2 lockers: 1 for PE and 1 for your books. You will probably have to share your locker with another student because we do not have enough for each student to have his/her own locker. Remember, your team locker is for books only. And, all lockers are the property of the school and may be searched at anytime.

Keeping your locker neat and organized every day will help you do better in school. Get in the habit of putting your things in specific places every time so you can stay organized and find what you need quickly.

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Honor Roll

At the end of each 9 weeks, your teachers will compile Honor Rolls. We have two different kinds of Honor Rolls at Mabry. You will notice that Mabry has a very rigorous standard, even for the Mabry Honor Roll. So, work really hard. Do all of your work. And, most importantly, start the year off with good study and work habits!

  • Principal’s Honor Roll - Student must receive all A’s in all academics classes, Connections/P.E. and all S’s in conduct.
  • Mabry Honor Roll - Student must have more A’s than B’s for all academic classes and Connections/P.E., and all S’s in conduct.

* Due to the Second Semester grades falling at the end of the school year, no Honor Roll is posted.

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The Grading Scale

Below is an explanation of what the grades on your report card mean.

  • A: 90-100 Superior Achievement
  • B: 80-89 Above Average Achievement
  • C: 74-79 Average Achievement
  • D: 70-73 Minimum Achievement
  • F: 69 and below Failure
I: Incomplete (A maximum of three weeks is given to complete work.)

The way you behave in class can help you learn or interfere with your learning. Always be sure to pay careful attention to the teacher so you can do your best work in school. Conduct grades are given by the teacher to help your parents stay informed of how you are behaving in your classes.

Conduct grades will be defined as follows:

  • S = Conduct which generally follows classroom & school rules and does not interfere with the learning of others.
  • N = Conduct which frequently causes class disruptions and/or does not always conform to classroom and school rules.
  • U = Conduct which consistently causes class disruptions that interfere with the learning of others and which often does not conform to classroom and school rules.

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Report Cards

Report cards are sent home every nine (9) weeks. Teachers will send home progress reports every 41⁄2 weeks so you will know how you are doing as you go through the year. You will want to make sure you keep an accurate list of all of your grades through out each 9 weeks. The following is a list of the dates when report cards and progress reports will be distributed:

  • September 16, 2005 41⁄2 week Progress Reports
  • October 17-21, 2005 Conference Week (9-week report card given out during conference)
  • November 28, 2005 41⁄2 week Progress Reports
  • January 13, 2006, Report Card Distribution
  • February 15, 2006 41⁄2 week Progress Reports
  • March 27, 2006, Report Card Distribution
  • April 28, 2006 41⁄2 week Progress Reports
  • June 6, 2006, Report Card mailed

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The Media Center

In the media center, you will find a great collection of books and audiovisual materials available for your use. Listed below are some of the services provided by the media center as well as some of the important policies.

  • The media center is open for student use from 8:30 A.M.–4:15 P.M.
  • From 8:30 until 8:45A.M. students who use the media center must obtain a pass from study hall.
  • We are glad to help you find good books and magazines for your special interests.
  • We offer you a collections of filmstrips, tapes, records, slides and transparencies to help you in class presentations.
  • Most books are checked out for three (3) weeks and may then be renewed one time.
  • Reference books may be checked out overnight.
  • We do charge overdue fines, be sure you to return materials when they are due.
  • If an item is lost or damaged the full replacement cost is due.

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Study Skills

Here are some great tips that will help you do your best work:

Regular school attendance and being on time are the first steps to better grades.

Participate in class by:

  • Having all of your necessary supplies every day
  • Listening carefully to your teacher
  • Taking notes
  • Participating in class discussions and reviews
  • Watching films (take notes to help you concentrate)
  • Completing classwork
  • Keeping your daily assignment sheet/agenda
  • Keeping your notebooks and materials very organized
  • Carefully writing down your assignments

Participate at home by:

  • Doing your homework every day
  • Having a time and a quiet place to study
  • Not accepting phone calls during study time
  • Doing the homework in your hardest subject first
  • Reviewing your work from class each night
  • Studying for tests 3 or 4 days before test date
  • Getting a good night’s rest
  • Keeping your parents/guardians accurately informed about your progress (deficiencies, report cards, test papers)

Participate during tests by:

  • Listening carefully to and following directions
  • Concentrating on the test
  • Answering the easiest questions first (go back to hard ones)
  • Using all the time given (avoid daydreaming)
  • Checking answers for mistakes Seventh Grade

If you will make following this advice a daily habit, you will do very well in school!

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June 20, 2005

Chamber Ensemble

Students who play a wind, string or percussion instrument are encouraged to participate in a chamber ensemble. Chamber ensembles are small groups with usually only one person playing each part or instrument. Playing in a chamber group is a very different experience than playing in band or orchestra. Chamber ensembles are coached by the orchestra and band directors but are essentially student run groups, requiring responsibility and leadership from all members. Chamber ensembles provide more performance opportunities and the chance to play different and more advanced literature. Students have as a performance goal the annual Georgia Music Educators Association Solo and Ensemble Festival.

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6th Grade Chorus
This chorus starts off new in the fall first nine week period. Those students that know immediately that they would like to be in All Year Chorus may bring in a note to join. Those that are not sure can sing with us the 9 weeks and decide at the end of the nine weeks whether or not they want to stay all year. Mrs. Smith just needs a note. The 6th grade chorus may sing at our Fall/Winter Concert, GMEA Festival, Kaleidoscope, 6 Flags Festival and Spring Concert or Musical. There are no auditions for this group, just a love of singing. We welcome new members.

You may sign up at the end of the previous nine week period or immediately if you are a new student to Mabry. Chorus is a lot of fun, a great place to make new friends and a wonderful performing experience. Come try us out!

7th Grade Chorus
This chorus meets all year long as a connections class. Students may be in band or orchestra and still take chorus the opposite hour. Some of the events we may sing at are; Fall/Winter Concert, GMEA Festival, Kaleidoscope, 6 Flags Festival, and Spring Concert or Musical. As a member of the 7th grade chorus you may also sign up to sing in Honor Chorus and audition for All State Chorus in Savannah, Georgia. There are no auditions for the 7th grade chorus, just a love of singing. We welcome new members.

You may sign up for all year 7th grade chorus in the spring of your 6th grade year or in the fall if you are a new student to Mabry.

8th Grade Chorus
This chorus meets all year long as a connections class. Students may be in band or orchestra and still take chorus the opposite hour. Some of the events we may sing at are: Fall Concert, Winter Concert, GMEA Festival, Kaleidoscope, 6 Flags Festival, and Spring Concert or Musical. As a member of 8th grade chorus you can also sign up to sing in the Honor Chorus and audition for All State Chorus in Savannah, Georgia. There are no auditions for the 8th grade chorus, just a love of singing. We welcome new members.

You may sign up for all year 8th grade chorus in the spring of your 7th grade year or in the fall if you are a new student to Mabry.

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Film Festival

Every year Mabry puts on our huge Annual Film Festival. Students work for months to create movies that compete to earn "Oscars" in various categories--just like the real Oscars. Everyone dresses up. We have the red carpet, pre-Oscars parties, and even the lights circling in the sky. The movies are shown to 1,000 people and then are put on television, on DVDs, and on the internet.

Training for team participants usually starts in November. Any student or group of Mabry students can submit a movie(s) for the competition in the Independent Film Category. Or, you can participate on your team's official entry to compete in all of the categories!

Since participation is completely voluntary, if you are interested in participating, be sure and let your teachers know! Your teachers will let you know all of the dates and requirements for submitting entries. The requirements for each entry are stringent, so be sure to talk with your teachers.

We have a whole section of our website, called mTV (for Mabry TV) dedicated to the work of our students. You can check out several of the movies that have been shown at the Film Festivals since 2003 by clicking here.

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Art Club

The Art Club is a fun and informal opportunity before school to explore a variety of visual arts media like painting, clay, sculpture, and drawing. Students are free to design their own project, while recieving one on one tutorials in their selected areas of study.

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Charger Club

The Charger Club is a leadership organization developed to recognize students with leadership abilities and a desire to serve in their class. The Charger Club assists the administration and Student Forum throughout the year with various projects.

The Charger Club plans service projects to benefit our school or community. For example, we have done the following projects:

  • The canned food drive in November, a project to collect items for the needy
  • The “licks and slurps” campaign, where food and supplies are collected for the animals and the Humane Society.
  • Fundraisers for victims of natural or other disasters
  • Care packages and letters for our soldiers
  • Special fundraisers for special projects

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Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is a service-oriented club that works on projects that focus on the environment. In the past, the club has maintained the beauty of the butterfly garden. This year, since the construction has finished, we will get to put the garden back together again outside the Media Center. We sell T-shirts to earn money that helps preserve the rain forest, and we help plant flowers at Mabry. Sometimes the Environmental Club plans a Clean-up Mabry Saturday with the PTSA.

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Student Forum

Student Forum is the student government body at Mabry Middle School that works closely with administration to bring innovative and creative ideas to the student body. We often work to represent the entire student population. When guests, for example, from SACS, or other visitors come to Mabry, Student Forum representatives are called upon to represent the students. We are responsible for creating a festive atmosphere at the dances, and are often asked to give input into the decorations for events at our school. We are also a major fundraising group for the school. Our annual Valentines Day flower sales have brought additional monies to Mabry which have then been used to benefit the students at school. Some years we have an actual convention, based on the United States Presidential convention, to elect the Student Forum president.

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Congratulations, Brandon!

Again this year we had an anonymous donor give a 12" Apple iBook to the school for the Fourth Annual Film Festival. The judges* for the festival event select one movie, out of all of the movies that qualified for the Film Festival, as the movie to be awarded the computer. Each team then decides who on their movie-making team will win the computer if their movie is selected by the judges.

Celebrate the Human Spirit, the movie submitted by the 7A team, was selected by the judges. The 7A team chose Brandon to be the recipient of the computer. I was very excited and pleased today to present Brandon with his computer, a carrying case, and a backpack for the computer. The 7A movie was deeply moving and completely professional in every respect. In fact, I have been approached by 2 organizations who wish to use these student's work in presentations around the world.

I can't wait to see the incredible work Brandon will produce with this amazing tool! You can hear Brandon speak about his movie and then watch the movie, Celebrate the Human Spirit, by clicking here.

(Click to enlarge)

The Annual Mabry Film Festival is one of the many highly engaging instructional activities here at Mabry Middle School. Our students create compelling, significant, meaningful work in which they take great pride. We then share their work initially at our annual Oscars-like Film Festival awards ceremony. Professional DVDs are made available of our students' work. And finally, we share their work with everyone in the world through the internet. We just couldn't be any more proud of our students!

*We had about 20 judges this year, including technology integration specialists, members from the Georgia Film Commissioner's office, members of the Georgia Department of Education, University Technology Specialists, Teacher Technology Trainers, executives from Apple Corporate Offices, a technology support specialist from a metro school district, and an attorney. Each judge found the quality of our students' work exemplary.

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June 19, 2005

Charger Day

What Is Charger Day?
Charger Day is our effort to provide you the convenience of getting many of your beginning of school tasks done in one place at one time. During Charger Day at Mabry, you may:

  • Locate your homeroom and pod assignment
  • See where your homeroom is located so you will know where to report on the 1st day of school (6th grade and new students only)
  • Find out your bus stop information
  • Have your school picture taken
  • Purchase your school picture package
  • Pick up your child's individual CRCT report
  • Join PTSA
  • Purchase a PTSA school directory
  • Sign up to be a PTSA volunteer
  • Purchase your yearbook
  • Purchase school lunches
  • Purchase school supplies
  • Purchase your school agenda

When Is Charger Day?
We have tentatively scheduled Charger Day for Monday, August 8, 2005, from 11:00AM until 1:00PM. We coordinated the time so it will not conflict with elementary or high school events. Please note that this is tentative--pending completion of construction. Please continue to check this blog throughout the summer for confirmation of the date and time.

Where Is Charger Day?
Currently, we plan to host Charger Day in the Mabry Covered Play Area and the new Mabry Cafeteria. Parking is always an issue for school-wide events. Parking is available behind the building (entrance from Steinhauer Road) and limited parking will be available in the front of the building (Jims Road). I would suggest carpooling.

What Should I Expect on Charger Day?
The doors will not be opened until 11:00AM. Last year there was a long line to get into the building for those who came early. Toward the beginning of Charger Day there were long lines at each station (PTSA, Pictures, etc.). Those who came later had shorter lines or no lines at all.

The PTSA will have a checklist for each parent when s/he arrives with his/her student. The checklist will also be posted on this blog for download. The checklist will assist you in making certain you get everything done that is available to you. It will also help you find where things are located as we plan to spread stations out to avoid congestion and confusion.

The checklist will contain a list of the supplies you can purchase in the school store, which will be open during Charger Day. Additionally, information as to whom checks should be made payable and for what amounts will be on this sheet. Using the downloadable sheet as your guide, you may have your checks prepared in advance--made out to the correct organization (LifeTouch, Mabry Middle School, Mabry PTSA, etc.) for the correct amounts. Pre-prepared checks will speed up the lines and reduce wait time significantly.

Volunteers will be "labeled" so you can seek them out to ask for assistance if needed.

Students are not to be dropped off at school or left unattended. You will want your child to be dressed appropriately for school pictures. Only sixth grade students and students who are new to Mabry will have the opportunity to find their homeroom in the building.

Why Is the Date for Charger Day Tentative?
We are hopeful the construction inside of the building will be completed on time. If it is, Charger Day will be held as scheduled. Otherwise an alternate plan will be implemented.

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June 18, 2005

Attention All Rising 6th Graders & New Students!

If you are about to be a sixth grader at Mabry Middle School, or if you will be a new student to Mabry, you will want to know everything there is to know about our school. I suppose I could tell you, or our teachers could tell you, or maybe even your counselors could tell you.

But Mrs. Hartnett, one of our 8th grade teachers, had a better idea. Why not have all of the 8th grade students, at the end of their 8th grade year, tell you all about Mabry Middle School. So, her students, as part of working on their expository writing, created their own entire website last year just for you!

You will not want to miss reading what they have written for you as they move on to high school. They have lots of advice and information that will help you fit in at Mabry and find success. Even the name of their site is clever: Sixceed! (Click on the name to view their site.)

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June 13, 2005

Mabry Dress Code, 2005 - 2006

Plans for a wonderful 2005-2006 school year are already in the works. As you and your students relax over the summer and then begin back-to-school shopping, the following information should assist you in our efforts to promote the most effective learning environment for our middle school students.

In middle school, students are making the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Hair styles and clothing should not draw undue attention so as to distract from learning. We want to have a dress code that is conducive to the formality of the school learning environment. Our primary focus is maximizing student academic achievement.

Unacceptable attire:

  • Sheer or see-through garments
  • Clothing or ornamentation displaying or advertising substances illegal for minors
  • Clothing or ornamentation displaying suggestive phrases, designs, markings or profanities
  • Mini-skirts or short-shorts
  • Midriff shirts or any blouses or tops that expose the stomach or waistline
  • Any clothing that exposes cleavage
  • Halter tops or spaghetti-strap tops
  • Loose-fitting pants or shorts that ride low showing underwear
  • Chains. They may not be worn as ornamentation or used to secure wallets, etc. Studded bracelets are not to be worn in school or on school grounds (JCDAC). Jewelry that is distracting, unsafe, or symbolic of inappropriate school behavior.
  • Caps and hats. They are not to be worn during the school day unless there is a special activity during which they are deemed appropriate by the administration. This applies to both boys and girls.
  • Flip flops are not to be worn. Shoes must be worn at all times. We encourage closed toe and heeled shoes.
  • While we will allow sleeveless tops for girls only, the sleeve must cover the entire shoulder and not be loose so as to be revealing.

I appreciate your cooperation and support of the Mabry Middle School dress code. Again, middle school students can so easily be distracted from learning. Our focus in every regard must be academic performance.

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