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June 21, 2005

Homework Is Important!

Homework assignments are given by your academic teachers. Homework provides an extension to the school day
and serves as reinforcement of material that you covered with your teacher in the classroom. Frequently your teachers introduce you to new concepts in class and assign you homework as an opportunity to practice those new and important skills.

Don't hesitate to ask your parents to help you if you don't understand something. And remember, your teachers will have information posted on their blogs that may help you with your work.

This year, rather than your teachers giving you zeros for incomplete work, poorly done work, or work that was not done at all, you will be required to stay with your teacher during your PE or Connections time and do the work. If you have to stay back a 4th time in any 9 weeks grading period, you will be assigned ISS to allow you to catch up with your missed work.

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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