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June 21, 2005


Let's talk about food! We have a new Mabry café. You're going to love it! The food will be prepared hot and fresh right behind the serving line!

You get to choose from a wide variety of foods at lunch. The café offers several choices within each food group to provide vari-

ety and encourage eating a balanced meal. Our menu features 4 entrée choices, 4 fruit/vegetable side dishes, bread, and dessert, along with milk or calcium fortifies fruit drink.

In addition to the traditional lunch menu, our café also offers an a la carte menu along with ice cream, bottled water, non-carbonated fruit drinks and chips. Make sure you have your lunch money every day because you can not charge for your lunch! So, make it easy--prepay for lunches for the week, month, quarter or year. You can make your payments when you pick up your lunch.

You have to know your 6 digit Cobb County Student Identification number for all purchases made in the café. You can ask the cashier how much credit you have on your account, or you can have your mom or dad call our Café manager at (770) 928-
5547 to check the balance. If you forget your money, an alternate lunch will be provided.

Our goal is to have the best lunch possible for our students at a reasonable cost. Lunch is only $1.75. When compared to a home-packed lunch of equal nutritional value, school lunches are a bargain. For information on our weekly menu and the current lunch prices please refer to the County Food and Nutrition Services web site.

Remember, it's hard to learn when you're hungry! Thanks for supporting our school café.

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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